1750 Typhus Zombie List

Happy Halloween everyone. What an apt day to post my planned 1750 list for the new Chaos Space Marines book as it contains a nice big horde of Plague Zombies. The new codex is by no means a mono build codex but I think already we’re starting to see Typhus and Plague Zombies be common. As my 5th edition army had a big Nurgle core I thought I would keep them in and add some more units around them and this is the list I’ve come up with.

Typhus – 230pts

Chaos Lord – 190pts
Chaos Bike, Mark of Nurgle, The Black Mace
Combi-Melta, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation

30 Plague Zombies – 130pts

7 Plague Marines – 188pts
2 Plasma Guns

7 Plague Marines – 233pts
2 Meltaguns, Rhino

5 Chaos Spawn 180pts
Mark of Nurgle

5 Chaos Bikers – 195pts
2 Meltaguns, Power Fist, Mark of Nurgle
Gift of Mutation

Heldrake – 170pts

5 Havocs – 115pts
4 Autocannons

5 Havocs – 115pts
4 Autocannons

TOTAL – 1746pts

I am thinking of switching out the meltaguns on the bikes for plasmaguns and removing the gift of mutation or maybe even the power fist from the champion. With less people using vehicles in 6th it may be better to use the plasmas instead, especially as the bikes have relentless. I’m hoping to get some games with this army over the next couple of weeks. I will need to proxy my havocs and one spawn for but everything else is ready to go and 90% of what I have is actually painted!

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