40K Cosplay

So there have been alot of pictures and videos of this amazing Imperial Fist Terminator Cosplay floating around the net the last week or so.

Imperial Fist Terminator

This got me to researching other 40k cosplays;

Black TemplarBlack Templar 2

Black Templars, i love the helmets on this costume, and the shoulder pads look fantastic too, not a fan of the abdominal plate but it still inkeeps and flows with the style of the costume.


Blood Angels, i love the front part of the standard helmet here, the weathering effects also look amazing. The storm shield and the banner top on the chaplain also look truly fantastic.

Sabbat helmet Saint Celestine Sister and Commisar Sister Repentia

The Sisters of Battle are my personal favourite army, despite the models being horrible. The helmet here looks perfect, the correct balance of battle damage, age and clean(ish) paint (would kill for one ill be honest). Next we have  fantastic Celestine cosplay, my favourite part of this is, well all of it really. The wings are amazing and well worth the time and effort that was clearly put into this costume. The Battle Sister and the Commissar are a nice couple but the reason for me sharing this image is the plasma pistol. This is one of the best weapon builds i have seen for costumes as far as firearms go. and the sister on the end? well that image speaks for itself really :P.

Storm Trooper Wych Tau Fire Warrior Necron Lord Grey Knight

This final set are here just to show the pure scope of the possibilities for 40k cosplay, my favourite being the Dark Eldar Wych, i am currently attempting to get my girlfriend to cosplay this for a con later this year :P. the grey knight, the storm trooper and the fire warrior are again great costumes, the lighting effect in the pulse weapon is a nice finishing touch :). The Necron Lord though truly does blow my mind, the time and imagination that must have been put into this just blows my mind.


Have any of you ever made or bought 40k cosplays? im looking into making or buying myself one (no idea what i want yet). i just wanted any tips or tricks you guys may have for making them and of course youre opinions and comments on the above cosplays would also be greatly recieved :). Lets see if we can get a conversation going :).


on a final note, much kudos and respect to all the guys who made and wore these 😀



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  1. Some truly fantastic work. There is such a wealth of possibilities for warhammer based cosplay that it would be hard to choose what to go as.
    If you do managed to make a decision be sure to let us know.

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