Hello there people of the Bitzbox blog… I’m here to tell you about the next Animosity adventure. Animosity – In the Hive of the Dead takes place on the 27th and 28th of July this year. We’re hosting the event at a new venue, Dreamlike Gaming and hope that we will see some of you there.

The Hive of the Dead returns our players to the battlefields of the 41st Millennium across the Novacastrian System. Beneath the lofty towers of Hive Primus on the capital world of Novacastra, Typhus, Herald of Nurgle is instigating yet another plot to rot the Imperium from within and what better way to choke the corpse gods precious empire than with the cold clammy hands of its own dead.

Over the weekend we will get the opportunity to play a number of narrative themed 40k games as well as some special scenario games that will help to develop the narrative. We’ll be featuring our regular competitions, Painting, Man of the Match and of course the Bitzbox sponsored conversion competition… always hotly contested with some awesome ingenuity on display!

You can join the discussions and the build up to the event at our forum…

or join us at facebook and like our page…

In a change to how we have marketed the event in the past Bitzbox are now selling our tickets for us so you can pick them up right here on the site. They are in the Specials section and cost £20.

We look forward to seeing you there… but beware the walking dead!


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