A big hello featuring Blood Angels Concept Phase Part 1

First of all a big hello to anyone reading this and just so you all know,  I have never blogged before so forgive me if i flamingo up a bit anywhere 😀


Now to let you know what your in for if you keep up with these blogs so you can either go ‘omg that’s simply genius’ or ‘you crazy man gtfo’. I have a tendency to have wacky ideas that i believe can work, but may sometimes be beyond my skill level but i won’t let that stop me.


I shall outline some of my ideas that i will be taking from concept into actual production (finances pending) before showing you a couple of drawings to give you a glimpse into my insane mind hehe.


1) LED’s – I have yet to see any models incorporating these, my ideas range from simple headlights on the tanks to glowing eyes and weapons.  This would be achieved by molding re-cast models with the wires inside. If mythbusters can put bones and veins and things inside ballistics gel dummies, i am sure this is possible.


2) Transparent colored custom parts – Bit of a green lantern fan so i thought constructs for the weapons/wings might be awesome. Again with custom molding, should be really easy.


3) Custom wings/weapons – My army is going to be pure Angelic with wings instead of any jet packs. Also as massive fan of metal music, guitar themed weapons for ranged weapons (pics below) similar to the older noise marines of chaos. In the future i also intend to make any custom parts i create available to purchase via bitzbox so if you like any of my creations or want something created for your models or simply some concept art that will be the place to go 🙂


4) Sounds – I’ve always had this idea knocking around my brain after playing the dawn of war games. That i can incorporate some sound files from the game into the models via a speaker and button hidden in the base system. How awesome would it be to be bolt-shotting or lascannoning across the table and actually have it making noise? I think its pretty awesome. If they make cheap toys that do this, again i am sure i can.


So without further a due here is 2 of my drawings to wet your taste-buds on. (just to note i am not the best at drawing, far better at modeling though)

Blood Angels Wing Design 1 This is a cyber angel wing design for my sanguinary guard which i intend to make female, converted from sisters repentia. The large piece coming down is actually floating away from the main wing. (easily done with clear plastic i think). And the 2 ends are glowing with energy similar to plasma.


Here we have a angelic guitar themed flamer. They may turn out like this, they may not.



Guitar Flamer


And finally a sword i am quite proud of, that i plan using as glaive encarmines for the sanguinary guard. With Red LED’s in each end of the power chamber (see why i have such insane ideas!)

Power Sword



Well i think that will do for now. More to come in the future 🙂 Feel free to give me tips, feedback etc all is welcome here. Thanks for Reading


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