Angron: Sizing Up A Primarch

So I got my hands on the new Angron model from Forgeworld. As you know this is the first official model of a Primarch and it is a beauty. I’m not a fan of the 60mm scenic base at all but Angron himself is well scultped with some lovely details and iconography worthy of a Primarch.

This post is basically showing how he compares up size wise with other models. You’ll see from the photos that he is of course larger than a standard marine without being completely OTT in size and of course smaller than a Daemon Prince. I think FW got this model perfect. He also isn’t too bulky as he wears lighter armour than most Primarchs. One fellow light armour wearer is Fulgrim. My Fulgrim model is only a tiny bit smaller than Angron which I would expect to be right as he is certainly one of the smaller Primarchs.

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