Animosity – In the Hive of the Dead – Sponsored by Bitz Box

Hey chaps and chapettes.

On the 27th and 28th of July Animosity hits the Hive of the Dead. The tickets are on sale here at Bitz Box in the specials section.

Our weekend of narrative campaigning is being played in Mansfield Woodhouse at Dreamlike Gaming, I hope some of you will join us there. Links to Campaign packs and media stuff are also available from the ticket info in the special section.

Bitz Box are once again sponsoring our Conversion competition, thanks dudes!

In an effort to get more prizes together for the event I have entered a competition on Facebook. If my Gears of Waaagh! Choppa wins the  competition I win a Wraithknight. If I win a Wraithknight it goes straight into the prize pot for the Hive of the Dead weekend.

You can help me out by following this link and liking my Ork Choppa picture.

Thanks dudes! And hopefully we’ll see you around the gaming tables soon.



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