Animosity – In the Veiled Region (March 30th and 31st)

Hello there. Animosity – In the Veiled Region came and went this weekend. Our original Ullanor Crusade campaign weekend had to be rescheduled and will now be played in November.

Bitz Box sponsored this, our second event, once again. I’m pleased to say that the winning entry was as dynamic as the previous winner… it should have been, as it was the same dude who made the minis.

Wu-Shu Exarch is probably the best Dire Avenger I’ve ever seen!


Well done to Michael Blackshaw for winning the Bitz Box Conversion competition (again). he also won the Nuke Art Painting COmpetition for this very nice Contemptor dread!


You can check out more images from the weekend on our facebook page

You can also join us for our next Animosity event in July by checking out our dakka dakka thread

Thanks to Bitz Box for their help once again, it is really appreciated!

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