Animosity – The Cleansing of Arrigata (15th of June 2013)

ANIMOSITY – The Cleansing of Arrigata

Hello there chaps. This weekend saw the first Animosity ‘Themed one-dayer’. We descended upon Warhammer World to play a non-ticketed event, The Cleansing of Arrigata. Arrigata is a pre-heresy event in which the World Eaters, led by the raging Angron, massacred Separatists who had dared defy Imperial rule.

The game was excellent, and for an Apocalypse scale game ran very smoothly and everybody had a great time.

Angron was beastly, he survived almost the entire Separatist force firing on him only to lose his final wound when he blew up a tank and took the full brunt of the exploding vehicle in the face… great memorable games are made of such though.

The World Eaters won the day, but Arrigata was less of a massacre and more of a scrapyard, the Separatist forces being made up almost entirely of tanks. Imperial rule will not be questioned so easily in future… whatever!

July 27th and 28th will see Animosity РIn the Hive of the Dead, take place in Mansfield Woodhouse. You can get tickets to join the fun here on Bitzbox, in the Special section. Bitzbox will once again be sponsoring our Conversion Competition which we thank them for again. Beyond the Hive of the Dead we also plan to play, Animosity РSkalathrax, Birth of the Betrayer on 4th of August at Warhammer World, a second themed on-dayer for players with post heresy World Eater/Khorne and Emperors Children/Slaanesh forces. Information can be found on our forum and on our faceboon page

We are also playing out the Ullanor Crusade, pre-heresy Imperial versus Ork in November on the 9th and 10th.

Hopefully some of you can join us at these events.


Here are some pics taken from my phone this weekend.

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