Animosity – The Ullanor Crusade!

Animosity – In the Age ofthe Emperor, The Ullanor Crusade, takes place on the 30th and 31st of March! (Mansfield)

This narrative campaign weekend will replay one of the most epic encounters in the history of the dark millennium, pitting the might of Waaagh! Urruk against the immortal Emperor and his Primarch sons.

Using a vast variety of codex, expansions and forgeworld books we are hoping to see a variety of pre-heresy era legions and their allies take on a massive Ork Waaagh! led by the Primork himself, Overlord urrlak Urruk!

To take part in this narrative campaign weekend you need to get your tickets as soon as possible. To do that you can check further details for the event by,

emailing me at,

joining our facebook page,

checking our dakkadakka thread,

or getting your  tickets direct from here, (remember to select Animosity Ork or Animosity Imperial depending upon your faction!

THIS IS A PRE-HERESY EVENT! Our regular 40k events resume in July when we head for the Maunsfeld Hegemony!

Any questions? Feel free to check any of the above for information…

Don’t forget our conversion competition, sponsored by Bitz Box!

Thanks dudes!

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