Awesome New Forgeworld MKIV Outriders

There’s very few releases from Forgeworld for The Horus Heresy that I dislike so it’s no surprise to hear that I really like the Space Marine MKIV Outrider bikes they announced today. In my opinion the regular space marine bikes should look more like these. After all in the 41st millennium you would expect bikes to be sleekĀ  and futuristic looking however the regular space marine bikes are not like that. In the 31st millennium however they are!

Forgeworld have also released some more weapon sets. Plasmas, flamers and meltaguns have all now got legion sets as well as the rotor cannons. Hats off for Forgeworld for making sets for each one instead of mixing them together in one set like they did with the pre heresy flamers and meltas. This move makes sense considering the rules for the special weapon squads.

The big question is would you like to see any of these at Bitzbox? Would you buy one bike for a character if the option was available?

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