Battle Report: Beastmen VS Skaven

It was a cold and misty morning when I heard the words “dude, I have the day off…wanna battle? Been dying to test out my Skaven” Never one to turn down a battle, I accepted.

Let the bloodshed commence!

Skaven turn 1

First to take any action were the Jezzels, whice were rather wasted. They only killed two Gors. Then to add insult to injury…quite literally, Robbie’s Warlock engineer wounds himself casting Warp lightening…there’s treachery afoot!

Beastmen turn 1

My chariot wastes no time, smashing right into the line of Jezzels, killing one and taking out another three in close combat. As ever, the Skaven LD was not strong enough…they turned their tails and ran, straight off the board.

War-hounds and Ghorgon charge the Plaguemonks, killing just three. Once battle was resolved, one of my War-hounds was slain.

My Ungor skirmishers take a cheeky pot shot and a unit of Night Runners, although they only managed to kill one.

My Jabberslythe destroyed Robbie’s weapons team (I may have pat myself on the back lol)

With a squadron led by Robbie’s Halfsqueek character, they were in a draw with my unit of Gors.

Skaven turn 2

Curses…both magic attempts fail to do any damage, miscasts.

Plaguemonks and War-hounds locked in combat with neither side making any dents in the lines, and the Assassin fails his job, only managing to lock the unit of Bestigors in combat.

Nightrunners engage Ungors, killing four. When combat was resolved, my Ungors killed none.

Halfsqueek unit grinds to a halt, locked in combat with my unit of Gors.

Beastmen turn 2

Minotaurs charge Stormvermin and my chariot smashes into Chang, killing him instantly. My Jabberslythe flies straight next to the Skaven cannon and attacks it, but to no effect.

War-hounds loose combat and run, same goes for my Ungors.

Ghorgon manages to kill four Plaguemonks.

Skaven turn 3

A very uneventful turn, only the Half Squeek squad managed to break the deadlock and kill two Gors causing the rest to run.

Beastmen turn 3

Ungor units rally and get back into the battle but the war-hounds continue to run!

Ghorgon kills another four Plaugemonks, and after a failed LD test, he chases down the rest…muwahahahaha.

My charriot smashes into the Stormvermin, killing one. Then after charging but causing no effect, one of my Minotaurs was slain once battle was resolved.

After a nasty trade of blows, my Bestigors kills Robbie’s Assassin.

My Ungors flank the the unit of Nightrunners, killing two.

My Spawn kills four Clanrats, but due to the closeness of Halfsqueek, they stand their ground.

Skaven turn 4

Curses…the elite Stormvermin are broken in combat with the Minotaurs and run…must have been a weak litter?! But in retaliation, a Skaven mortar kills one of my Minotaurs.

The Warp cannon attempts to destroy my Jabberslythe, but once battle was resolved, the cannon was left in broken, rusty and hairy pieces on the battlefield.

Beastmen turn 4

My Ghorgon, Chariot and War-hounds all charge the Stormvermin…ouch! First to act were the War-hounds…which did nothing, and when battle was resloved one War-hound was slain.

However their rejoice was short lived, as my Ghorgon kills two Stormvermin.

My beastmen were beaten in combat loosing just one.

The chariot flattened the weapons team accompanying  the Stormvermin.

My Ungors force the Nightrunners to flee.

The Jabberslythe kills two Clanrats but once again due to Halfsqueek, the rest still stand firm.

Skaven turn 5

Halfsqueek has visions of glory, so his unit charges my Jabberslythe…and turn it into a massive cactus!

Apart from a few uneventful close combats, nothing else happened.

Beastmen turn 5

Chariot slams into Halfsqueeks unit, killing two.

Ghorgon kills another two Stormvermin.

My Minotaurs kills three Nightrunners, but when battle was resolved I lost another Minotaur.

Skaven turn 6

Nightrunners kill the last Minotaur, and the Stormvermin reduce the Ghorgon to three wound, but in return he kills one causing the rest to flee.

Halfsqueek reduces the Chariot to one wound, but the rest of the unit fail to finish it off.

Beastmen turn 6

Gors hit Nightrunners, but miss! War-hounds must have been hungry, they grab one Nightrunner and tear it apart.

Ghorgon kills two more Stormvermin, and when battle is resolved he goes down to his final wound.

Gor unit loose in combat and are promptly chased down.

Once blows have been traded between my chariot and Halfsqueeks unit…my chariot was destroyed…NNOOOOOOOOOOO!

Skaven turn 7

Nightrunners loose in combat and flee, the Gors opt to chase after them.

Stalemate between Stormvermin and Ghorgon, as neither land a blow.

Beastmen turn 7

Nightrunners are  wiped out by my Ungors and my Ghorgon destroys the remaining Stormvermin.

Skaven turn 8

Curses, Clanrats are lacking as they fail there charge.

Beastmen turn 8

Warhound and Ungors charge Clanrats, but nothing comes of it!

My Ghorgon has Halfsqueek in his sights…and charges, but when battle was resolved, it was my Ghorgon that fell to the ground.

My last War-hound was also killed in close combat with the Clanrats.

Skaven turn 9

Clanrats and Ungors trade blows, no huge losses.

Beastmen turn 9

Ungors loose three in close combat and are chased down and destroyed.

My last remaining Gor champion manages to kill five Clanrats before falling in battle.

Final battle points

Beastmen – 1146pts

Skaven – 1436

A close battle indeed.



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