Blanchitsu: From Artwork to Miniature

Blanchitsu Cultist

In this Blanchitsu post I am turning my focus to the first miniature in my second warband. This warband will follow the Genestealer Cult rules for Shadow War Armageddon. The first miniature is based off a piece of John Blanch artwork. This sketch below I assume is representing a Chaos Cultist however I may be wrong. Either way it’s an awesome character and I knew I had to make a miniature for him.

John Blanche Chaos Cultist

The Tzeentch Kairic Acolytes had the perfect head for this miniature, I just added some hair to him. His blunderbus is from the old Empire Militia set, as is his torso. He uses legs from the Genestealer Cult Neophytes which is a great set for any Blanchitsu conversion. He has various spikes, including some ork armour plates and green stuff fur. I even added a little bottle on his back from the Tzeetnch Enlightened.

I’ve almost finished building the rest of this warband who we’ll see in a later blog post. I will also be showcasing both warbands in a video for our YouTube Channel.


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