Blast From The Past: Chapel of Sanctuary

A recent conversation with a friend about terrain resulted in him mentioned the Chapel of Sanctuary terrain piece that GW used to make. I had totally forgotten about this and it was something I always wanted when it was out but never purchased it. I decided to look on eBay and found one that was being sold with it’s original box. I had to have it!

The first thing I noticed about it was the size of the box didn’t fit with any of the current GW box sizes. They have a few standard sizes for easy of packing and this one didn’t conform to those sizes. This was probably common for products as old as this one. As I took it out of the box it also had polystyrene protecting it. I remember when this material was in all of GW’s metal boxed sets and often used for scenery building.

Warhammer 40,00 Chapel of Sanctuary Box
Warhammer 40,00 Chapel of Sanctuary Box

Anyway enough of the boring stuff, let’s get onto the terrain piece itself. As I’ve never seen one in person before I didn’t know what it was made out of. I wasn’t sure if it would be plastic or resin and it turns out to be neither. It seems to be made out of some type of plaster, similar to what most garden ornaments might be made out of. It comes in two solid pieces and has a nice piece of felt underneath it’s base. I am unsure whether brand new this was supplied unpainted or not. This one has had some paint work on it and it looks pretty good. I may touch up the odd one or two bits just to fit in with my other pieces of terrain but apart from that it looks good. The stained glass windows are made of thin plastic and have warped slightly but still look pretty good. It will certainly make a very good place for objectives in battles and will not look out of place on my city board. I’m looking forward to using it.

Warhammer 40,000 Chapel of Santuary  Warhammer 40,000 Chapel of Santuary

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  1. It is a great kit. It did come pre-painted. I never bought one originally as it was priced at $75. BUT…a local shop had a 50% off sale and I snatched it right up.

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