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Blanchitsu: From Artwork to Miniature

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In this Blanchitsu post I am turning my focus to the first miniature in my second warband. This warband will follow the Genestealer Cult rules for Shadow War Armageddon. The first miniature is based off a piece of John Blanch artwork. This sketch below I assume is representing a Chaos Cultist however I may be wrong. Either way it's an awesome character and I knew I had to make a miniature for him.

John Blanche Chaos Cultist

The Tzeentch Kairic Acolytes had the perfect head for this miniature, I just added some hair to him. His blunderbus is from the old Empire Militia set, as is his torso. He uses legs from the Genestealer Cult Neophytes which is a great set for any Blanchitsu conversion. He has various spikes, including some ork armour plates and green stuff fur. I even added a little bottle on his back from the Tzeetnch Enlightened.

I've almost finished building the rest of this warband who we'll see in a later blog post. I will also be showcasing both warbands in a video for our YouTube Channel.



Ork ‘Big Daddy’ Meganob Conversion

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A long time ago (and you may remember it from our Screaming Heretic conversion segment) I made a couple of meganobz based on the Big Daddy from the Bioshock series of games. With the release of the new plastic Meganobz I thought I would make a new version of this conversion, complete with grot little sister on his back.

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

The conversion wasn't that difficult to do. The main body and right arm are just standard meganob parts and I replaced the power klaw from the left arm with a drill from the Killa Kans set. On his back is the grot from the Ork Painboy model, with a greenstuff dress and hair. The pony tail was from an old Dark Eldar Warrior. The air tank was made from a plastic tube, greenstuff and a plastic model boat wheel. I also added little bits of tube and plasticard on his back to fill in gaps and make it look more interesting. The head was made from an empire mortar cut in half, a chaos space marine vehicle searchlight and two smaller lights from the space marine land speeder. Shoulder pads and a stikkbomb from the ork meganob set finished off the conversion.

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

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Chaos Knight of Khorne Conversion

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I have finally finished my Chaos Knight of Khorne. I wanted to do this conversion as soon as I heard the Knights were being released and although I'm disappointed that Chaos cannot field them currently, this was always going to be a model that was just for show.

I'm not a huge fan of copying other people's conversion ideas directly but after seeing a couple of people put warshrines on the back of their chaos knights I thought it was too good of an idea to not replicate. It certainly adds significant height to my Chaos Knight of Khorne. Other parts I used for this conversion included the head and axe arm from the Khorne Lord of Skulls. I used a couple of armour plates from the plastic defiler kit as well as some chaos icons here and there. The Khorne icons on his shin plates were made from green stuff.








Space Wolves Conversions

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In this blog post I'm going to be showcasing some excellent Space Wolf conversions that were sent to me by Christopher Riley. The following images are of his Rune Priest, Lone Wolf, Bran Redmaw and 'The Redmaw' and his awesome Space Wolf Dreadnought which has been made from all manner of bits including an Imperial Guard Sentinel and Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought.

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Tau, Dark Eldar and Inquisition Conversions

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You may remember that I used to have a conversion segment on The Screaming Heretic podcast. Unfortunately over the last few months I haven't been able to record any however the inbox does have a few outstanding conversions in it and I wanted to share them as features on this blog.

I'm going to start off by showing off a few conversions that were sent in by Jeroen Brugman who's work can be found on his Deviant Art page.

The first of these conversions is his Inquisitorial Crusader

The Crusader is a sister of battle heavy (I think the heavy flamer model) the banner is from the empire flagelants, with censers added from a dark angel sprue. The right arm is from a space marine scut with a shield from the Dreadknight kit added. The left arm is from the space marine commander set with a flaming sword from the empire wizard set. The cyberskull was added for flavor (the Inquisitor in question has strong ties to the adeptus mechanicus).


The second model that was sent in was this Renegade Imperial Guard Medic

The medic is from a renegade imperial guard force. The body is an empire flagellant, the back was cut out and I placed Fabius Bile's backpack into that. I added the back tabard to cover the filling. The head is from the plastic daemonette set.


Next up is this Tau Etherial

An old metal miniature combined with new plastic.

The basis for the conversion is a Aun Shi Tau Ethereal body. (it was purchased from a bitz bin at a convention)

I added the claw from a Necron Lord instead of his weapon arm and put a shieldgenerator on his head as, well a hat. (did need to cut of a bit of the scalp to make it fit, but that is a small price to pay).

Then the new Codex came out and I purchased a Riptide with the intention to convert it into a Dreadknight (so if you know anyone looking for some huge Tau guns, I have spares). I'll send you a picture of that as well, when it's done.

I took the shield and made it into the anti-grav hoverboard thingie you see here. I think he's cool, and will look great in my sea of Kroot.


And finally there are these really awesome conversions of Dark Eldar Grotesques

I also went overboard on my Dark Eldar Grotesques, based on Vargeist models with added spare bits from the Talos Pain Engine.


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Well were coming to the end of the Orks  (awwwwwwww I hear you all say)  the next time we should see them is in a couple of weeks to months when most of them are painted, I doubt all of them will be 100% finished I’m expecting 80% of it to be done though.

So today we have two flyers one being a converted storm talon, I didn’t want to do a lot to it just a few bits here and there, most of the Ork feel will be coming from the paint job all over it.  There is a second one that will see it heavily converted.

 JimmysWorkshop 016JimmysWorkshop 028

Next we have something I’ve called the blimp. It hasn’t got its balloon on it yet I’m still testing my method on that at the second, but I wanted this to look more of a show piece of the army. It has an extremely exaggerated base with an Odd boy working in an outdoor workshop.  As with all the models over the last three days the next stage it taking off those mold lines I’ve missed and tidying all the joints as well with green stuff.

 JimmysWorkshop 070JimmysWorkshop 055

(Remmber you can enlarge the photos)

JimmysWorkshop 057

JimmysWorkshop 039JimmysWorkshop 038

JimmysWorkshop 037JimmysWorkshop 036

 JimmysWorkshop 068

I also wanted a set of scenery to go with this army for our gaming board so they look more at home, so I’ve started a ruined bastion this will again have its Ork feel come from the paint job. All of the miniatures you’ve seen will be started with an airbrush and then have a brush taken to them, I may start it in reverse and get the buildings and vehicles started first as there’s a lot more I want to do with them airbrush wise. Ok so that’s it for my Orks I care for so much. Monday I will be showing a Commission I’m currently doing for a friend of mine, and I have to admit I’m loving them.

JimmysWorkshop 011JimmysWorkshop 007

JimmysWorkshop 006

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WELCOME BACK! so yeah day two of orkyness ZOOOOOOOOOOOM WAAAGGGHHHHHHH!.... *sniff cough* did it happen again? Dam.

Ok so last time we saw what the basic boy build was going to be like, and we saw what the first set of trucks.



Now I needed to work on something a little different.... so i dug through my plastic draws dedicated to Orks and found several Black Reach warbosses one of my favourite miniatures... but it just wasn’t quite fitting in with the theme. So i went through my random draw bits and found 3000 watch parts i bought a while back and added them to the klaw and i have to say im quite a fan of it.









Moving from the warboss i then decided to add my cogs and other parts to other miniatures in the army. So obviously i started work on a warboss in mega armour now i cheated and used Ghaz and im relatively happy with the result but am currently working on scratch building four or five as i think they will really stand out.

Mr warbosswarboss



Also needed a Big Mek with a certain build so quickly knocked one up

Big MekBig MekBig Mek

Ive started work on one of three Deaff Kopters some very simple conversions but does make a nice change.




Tommorow we have two flyers and a bastion possible even a really over the top flying base!






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I have a couple of rules when it comes to the hobby, one of them and a key one is never be put off by a good idea!

Ok so you’ve only just started again or you don’t think ya minis are as good as Warlord 22 on Dakka Dakka or on cool mini.... well you need to put that out of ya mind. Every hobbyist is his worst critic, I know I am.

Remember few of us started out great and we all learn at different speeds. I loved the "HUGE" harlequin that may have had photos on here a while back and I’m sure a lot of you guys looked at it went “WOW THATS EPIC !!” well guess what ya can do it, it just takes time and practise, if ya haven’t tried doing pin stripping how are ya going to know ya can’t do it?

When I’m sitting in my workshop with 80 arms 50 heads and 71 legs I try to imagine what my dream mini would be in this situation... now granted I don’t end up with the dream mini every time. This is partly due to the fact there not alive and don’t always answer me back when I’m talking to them,however most of the time I capture part of the scene ive built in my head. It’s only through advancing my skill set that I’m going to capture those moments further.

So it is my intention to update my small section of the guest blog ever day this week with a series of things I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. First as I have them on the desk and the camera’s right next to me. ORKS!!!! WAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! DAKKA DAKKA WHOOOOSH ZOOOOOM BANG!!!

*cough cough*

appear to have shown my true colours there.... so I wanted to restart my Ork’s, and I wanted to paint them to a high standard for a league that I take part in in my local area.

Now the theme to me was obvious it was going to be junk! That’s right my Ork’s are junkies they just can’t get enough of it, they don’t care if it’s elder junk imperial junk or if it’s less junk and more technology they’ll have it. I wanted each vehicle to be either converted from something else or for it to have a real thick junk feel to it. The basic Ork was going to be built using the Kommando kits from forge world they give the right feel for the lads.

Below the basic lad with Slugga and Choppa

Slugga ChoppaSlugga ChoppaSlugga Choppa


Then I started Trukks... Zoom, FASTER FASTER FASTER! yeah err… anyway I want each trukk in this army to look different and I don’t want them to look like the trukk on the box I want them to look individual. So when I started building them I wanted to work on a job for each one, what on the Emperors belly button could trucks do other then carry orks around....?

They can carry guns and junk to the orks who are already there!

Trukk 1Trukk1Trukk1


Trukk One - Ok so I went simple on this one I wanted a pile of junk. As you can see we have some guns, artillery shell casing, bombs, oh yeah and a really expensive clock.... well you know Orks are nothing if not flash (find the joke)










Trukk Two - So I said I wanted them different but to keep the theme and the style of Trukk with the Low profile. So I went with a little more bomb loader look.




Trukk three - Ok so number three is still a little work in progress. Used the forge world half track, now I would call myself an experienced hobbyist, but I still had a nightmare of a time with this kit, I was either tired or it was just a little warped in a few places so I had to do a lot of fiddling around with it to make it all work, the engine really didn’t want to look like an engine..



Tommorow HQ and other assorted Ork items.






Convertered Chaos Obliterator

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I've been going through the nurgle contingent of my Chaos Space Marine army and I've decided to start expanding on it to get to 2000 points.  I'm starting this expansion with some Obliterators. I wanted to something different from the regular chaos obliterators to make them look more Nurgle. I had a spare Chaos Spawn left over from my squad which I decided to use as a base. A few terminator parts, a havoc missile launcher, chaos heavy bolter, plasma gun and a lot of green stuff later I came up with this.

2013-07-30 16.15.09

I painted him up to match the rest of my Nurgle themed models.

chaos_spawn_obliterator_1 chaos_spawn_obliterator_2 chaos_spawn_obliterator_3


Ork Skullhammer Battle Fortress

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With the release of Apocalypse I was reminded about a model I made nearly 4 years ago for 40K Radio's Toys for Tots charity auction. This is an Ork Skullhammer Battle Fortress converted from bits from an Imperial Guard Baneblade and Ork Stompa.

Skullhammer Battle Fortress Skullhammer Battle Fortress Skullhammer Battle Fortress