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Remember Those Automatic Email Notifications

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My favourite feature on Bitzbox is the automatic email notifications. Over the years I've added many little features (most of which are admin side) and out of all of them this is the one I wanted the most from day one and a couple of years ago I finally found the code for it and implemented it straight away.

I get a lot of people asking me if I could email them when a particular bit is in stock which is almost impossible for me to remember so I usually tell each customer about this feature instead. I thought why not write a blog post about it so I can point people here in future.

In case you're not familiar with this feature it allows you to receive an email the second any product you add to your automatic notifications is in stock. To do this you simply need to log into your account and click the link underneath the image on a products page.


Note: You should only do this for items that are out of stock as it doesn't do anything for items that are already in stock apart from sending you a random email telling you they are in stock. Also once you receive an email you will no longer receive any further updates unless you click the link under the product image again.

You may do this for as many products as you wish. Almost all of my restocks are of complete boxed sets so if there's a lot of parts from the same set you want you only really need an automatic email for one of them.

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FAQ: Can You Email Me When X Is Back In Stock?

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I get quite a lot of stock questions and on several occasions people ask me if I can send them an email when the bits they are after are back in stock. Well personally I cannot do this myself. I'm only human, I cannot remember who wants what and I'm not going to look through hundreds of emails to find who wanted what every time I restock something.

However the Bitzbox website is far smarter than me and it can do just that! If you have an account on our website then all you need to do is log in to your account and then find the bits you want to be notified about.Underneath the main image of every single item on our website is a link that says 'Email me when {item name} is back in stock'. When you click this link the items will be added to our notification database and as soon as it's restocked you will receive an email telling you it's back in stock. You can do this for as many products as you wish!

Please note that if you do this for an item that is already in stock you wont receive an email when more stock is added to this item's quantity. An automatic email will just be sent to you when anything else has been restocked.

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FAQ: Will You Buy My Left Over Bits?

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I'm afraid to say the answer to this is no. I've had some bad experiences doing this in the past which put me off a lot. Also it's far easier to buy complete boxed sets as I have SQL queries set up which I can run to restock the amounts for each box automatically rather than counting out and sorting out a lot of random bits that someone has sold to me.

Of course you are happy to donate bits if you desire but I would suggest that if you have bits to sell to try eBay or trading forums.

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FAQ: Can I Reserve Bits?

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This is another question that I get asked pretty often. The answer is yes but only if you're a member of our premium service, otherwise it's not possible to reserve items.

Our premium service was set up mainly to allow people to reserve items however due to the cost implications of such a service a small fee is needed to become a member of the premium service. It's only £10 for 3 months or £35 for a full year. I will also mention that you are currently limited to items that require me to buy no more than 5 boxed sets to fulfill each reserve order and they do usually take anywhere between 2-6 weeks to fulfill due to the lack of speed our stock gets to us.

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FAQ: How Often Do You Restock?

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This is the most common question I receive here at Bitzbox. I have no problem with people asking questions but what I don't like about this one is how vague it is. I don't restock every item on the website in one. The reality is I can't afford to, nor do I have the time and as you may expect the majority of my restocking budget is used to stock Space Marine items because at the end of the day they are what ultimately what sells the best, thus allowing me to restock quicker and also pay the bills.

I also want to note that apart from Space Marine items, I don't stock things in a regular pattern. The most popular Space Marine sets are restocked every 2-4 weeks and everything else is restocked either upon request or when I feel the need to restock that boxed set or section.

What I advice is instead of asking this question to tell me what you would like to see restocked, that way I can add it to my list of stuff to restock alongside the popular Space Marine sets.

Hope this helps.

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