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My Thoughts on the Imperial Knights

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I know, I know. Another blog post on the interwebs about the Imperial Knights. I thought that I would share my opinion about them too and I will start by saying that I think they are awesome looking models and I cannot wait to get my hands on them!


A lot of people have been calling for Games Workshop to release these for years and now they have arrived. The current rumours suggest they are getting a codex to go alongside them so you can field a whole army of up to 6 knights or you may take 1-3 as a detachment for your army. I'm not a great fan of detachments at as they make the whole force orginisation chart seem pretty worthless. Instead I would have liked GW to come out and say they could be taken as a heavy slot for Space Marines, Imperial Guard etc. however detachments that we assume taken by other armies will of course mean more model sales. Having an army of them could be interesting but I don't really see how it will work. They only have blast weapons which despite being powerful are not always reliable and they don't ignore cover so their shooting abilities are quite survivable. They do have 6 hull points each and each turn can give one armour facing a 4++ save which is nice. They will take a lot to kill but if you're fielding an army of them you are going to receive a whole army worth of shooting attacks coming your way.

I have already pre ordered myself two of these. I plan on converting one of them into a Chaos Knight (regardless of whether CSM can even take them) which I think would look pretty cool. Over a week ago I ordered some bits from the Lord of Skulls from a different bits website to this one which I am still waiting to even be dispatched (and they've ignored my two emails regarding this) but hopefully I will have them in time for this release or at least until the first one is built. As I said before the model is awesome. There's been a lot of negativity regarding the lack of pose options for the legs. This is a shame but not a big deal for myself personally. I see these as lumbering war machines so you're not going to see them in a sniping position with one leg up on some rubble or a tank but the option to make them have a walking pose would have been nice. I'm sure though that this wouldn't be too difficult to achieve and maybe something I may even try to do with one of them but until I have the kit it's hard to say how easy this may be.

I'm really happy GW have brought this kit out. I cannot wait to start building and painting and also getting my hands on the rumoured codex for them. I'll be sure to share photos of mine on the Facebook page as well as on my painting blog: Until then I predict a few slow days ahead whilst I anticipate their release.

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New Eldar Photos Spotted

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So over the last couple of days photos of the New Eldar models due for the release next month have been surfacing on the Interwebs. Since the whole GW and Faeit212 issue about posting photos a lot of blogs including this one are refraining from posting the images ourselves but you can find them on several forums including here on DakkaDakka. I must say these are some lovely looking models. The flyer is really nice and I can see plastic Wraithguard making a lot of people very happy indeed.

The wraithknight is pure awesomeness, although it's head is a tad small but it's basically a mini titan which is cool. The one model that really stands out for me though is Illic Nightspear. This model is amazing. I think the pose is fantastic and the model itself is great. I have absolutely no desire to start an Eldar army but I may just pick this guy up for a diorama in the future.

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just had to show you these excellent personalised templates you can get any sort for your army at reasonable prices from about £12 from here  check him out 🙂

"Paul Rist" <>

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Forgeworld Fulgrim Miniature Confirmed

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The second Primarch from the Horus Heresy is due for release later this month at the Horus Heresy weekender. It has been rumoured for some time that Fulgrim was going to be next and those rumours are true. I'll certainly be adding this beauty to my collection when he goes up for general sale.

Fulgrim Miniature

Also available at the Horus Heresy weekender is this Davinite Serpent Lodge Priest.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 17.51.54

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Awesome New Forgeworld MKIV Outriders

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There's very few releases from Forgeworld for The Horus Heresy that I dislike so it's no surprise to hear that I really like the Space Marine MKIV Outrider bikes they announced today. In my opinion the regular space marine bikes should look more like these. After all in the 41st millennium you would expect bikes to be sleek  and futuristic looking however the regular space marine bikes are not like that. In the 31st millennium however they are!

Forgeworld have also released some more weapon sets. Plasmas, flamers and meltaguns have all now got legion sets as well as the rotor cannons. Hats off for Forgeworld for making sets for each one instead of mixing them together in one set like they did with the pre heresy flamers and meltas. This move makes sense considering the rules for the special weapon squads.

The big question is would you like to see any of these at Bitzbox? Would you buy one bike for a character if the option was available?

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My Custodes Army for Future Auction

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Another small army I will be selling in our upcoming Comic Relief Auctions is my Custodes army. These use items from Scibor, Grey Knights and various other items sourced from the Internet. The army contains a 5 man Strike Squad, a Custodes Dreadknight conversion, a converted Malcador the Sigillite conversion and enough parts to make 5 Custodes on Jetbikes (1 which is assembled) and 4 Terminators/Paladins (2 assemlbed, 1 of which is half painted). This army, along with our other auctions will be on eBay on 7th-14th March.

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Introducing Zealot Miniatures

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Recently I was offered the chance to sell a trial run of items from a relatively new UK miniatures company called Zealot Miniatures. I decided to take up this opportunity because I like seeing new companies and helping them out if I can. Today I received the trial batch of products and I have added them for sale on the website.

You may think that some of the prices for these items are a bit high. I did too at first however now that I have them in person you certainly get what you pay for. The quality of these parts is fantastic. They are all resin and there's barely any flash on these at all. The resin is solid and strong unlike some of the more brittle resin you may find from other companies. The detail on the models are good. Not high end like you would find from GW or FW but good enough that they certainly wont look out of place mixed and matched with their bits.

The jump packs as you would expect will easily fit a Space Marine and  the mech minigun arms look like they would easily fit onto a dreadnought too. If you're looking for something different for your miniatures then certainly check them out.


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GW Lose ‘Spots the Space Marine’ Row

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You may have read over the last few days the whole issue regarding an ebook on Amazon being removed due to Games Workshop having trademarked the term 'Space Marine'. The author, M.C.A. Hogarth was left very angry when her ebook, Spots the Space Marine was removed by Amazon upon request by Games Workshop. The news even made it to the BBC News website amongst others. After making the issue public, Hogarth eventually got help from the EFF as this article explains and Spots the Space Marine is now back on Amazon.

I wont give too much opinion on the matter. I usually back GW in these situations. I don't want to see people ripping of their miniatures or any other aspects of their business but in this case Hogarth meant no harm at all to GW and I think this one might have gone too far. That said GW have every right to defend their trademarks. Despite being upset by the whole thing, M.C.A. Hogarth comes out of this a winner as she has gained publicity she would not have had before. I don't think that was her intention mind. Games Workshop may be left looking a bit bad from the whole thing but most people by now know how seriously GW defend their IP and trademarks. This wont be the last time something like this happens I'm sure.

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A Few More Warriors of Chaos Pics

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A few more photos of the Warriors of Chaos have been doing their rounds on the interwebs. These character models look pretty cool. I especially like the guy with the sword and spear. Looking at these and the other models they are releasing it looks like GW are going with more beasts and monsters for the Warriors of Chaos. We have seen this tradition with most releases in this edition and it's one I certainly welcome.

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New kid on the block

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Hello fellow wargamers,

Its nice to meet your acquaintance. My name is Lewis and i am the new admin for this blog. Im basically here just to make sure the blog has new material and it doesnt run dry. I will also be sharing my own models and maybe a few tutorials i have found and hints and tips i have learned along the way.

If anyone has anything they would like me to specifically put on the blog or need any help be sure to leave me a message and i will be more than happy to help.



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