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Beyond the Gates of Antares Kickstarter

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1217b2b81774a486e2bb008353f72799_largeA new game has appeared on Kickstarter by none other than Mr Rick Priestley himself. The game is called Beyond the Gates of Antares. Instead of just repeating information about this game I will point you to an interview with Rick on Bell of Lost Souls. Also here is the link to the kickstarter page if you wish to pledge. I'll certainly be pledging towards it as the game sounds really interesting and fun.

Just thought I would spread the word in case this news has passed anyone by.

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Miniature Review of 2012: Part 3 – Sept-Dec

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So onwards with the final part of this miniature review of 2012 looking at releases from Games Workshop and Forgeworld.


The new Warhammer 40,000 starter set, Dark Vengeance was the big release this month. My beloved Chaos Space Marines vs Dark Angels (which we now know are the first two 6th ed armies who receive new codices). The miniatures in this kit are fantastic. GW can feel very proud of this one. For a snap together kit the level of detail is on par with any regular plastic kit from GW. The design work that went in to this should not be over looked. Luckily for me and a buddy of mine we both had our armies in this box so we bought one each and swapped my Dark Angels for his Chaos stuff. Even though they are the next codex after Chaos Space Marines it still was a brave choice for GW to include Dark Angels and not generic marines. A lot of other marine players may not have the time or patience to file down all the Dark Angel symbols off the models so might have passed on this kit. Games Day UK also saw the new Horus Heresy stuff from Forgeworld go on sale for the very first time and we also saw the first ever official model for a Primarch in Angron, along with rules for 4 Primarchs in Betrayal. This truly was a huge step for the hobby.



This was my month! Chaos Space Marines galore! New codex, new models, lovely. Sure we didn't get a Mat Ward-esc over powered codex so I wont be steamrolling everyone I play but we did get a codex that has so many options that players like me can build several lists that are totally different from each other and still work. No mono builds here. The new models were pretty good. I loved the finecast HQ choices, the Warpsmith and Dark Apostle. The Mutilators were awful miniatures with rules to maych but the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend and Heldrake were very good and the plastic raptors/warp talons is just a treasure trove of awesome Chaos Space Marine bits. Forgeworld gradually released everything from Games Day UK on their website for general sale.



November saw some new models for Warhammer Fantasy. Warriors of Chaos had 3 new plastic sets including Skullcrushers of Khorne, the Hellstriders of Slaanesh and the Chaos Warshrine. My favourite Fantasy character, Valkia the Bloody also received an official miniature. Forgeworld again continued with Horus Heresy releases such as the legion champion and master of the signal. They also released a really cool monster for Warhammer Fantasy in the form of the Mourngul.



December was all about one thing: The Hobbit. Can't say I'm at all interested in The Hobbit stuff. I did quite like some of the Lord of the Rings stuff. I never played it but liked having stuff such as the Fellowship of the Ring etc. If they release smaller releases in the near future I will perhaps buy a few but the larger bundle sets are doing nothing for me so far. Again Forgeworld continued to support the Horus Heresy. We saw Legion Command upgrades, Legion specific Contemptor dreadnoughts and weapon sets.


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Miniature Review of 2012: Part 2 – May-Aug

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Welcome to part 2 of my miniature review of 2012. In this post I look at May to August.


May saw some new plastic releases for the Necrons including the Canoptek Spyder, Wraiths, Tomb Blades and Triarch Stalker.  We also saw a complete overhaul of the paint range and a new painting guide from GW. It's quite amazing to think the new paints came out 7 months ago. I have the mega paint set and I still don't know what half of them are called. I will take a while to get used to all these new names. Forgeworld released the Storm Eagle Gunship for Space Marines.

Storm Eagle


June gave us a little taste of what to come in 6th Edition. That was new flyers! The Space Marines got the Storm Talon and the Orks got my favourite plastic kit to date, the Ork Bommer kit. I made one of these up for myself and it was an absolute joy to put together. GW were very clever in designing this kit to make the 3 different variants also. The Necrons also got a flyer kit in the form of the Night Scythe/Doom Scythe.



July saw the big one. Warhammer 40,000 6th edition was released. I for one was glad to see the back of 5th edition as it got a bit boring and predictable. So far I've enjoyed playing 6th edition and I'm sure it will continue.  Flyers and the use of fortifications and more importantly allies have given the game an extra twist that makes it a cut above 5th in my opinion. The missing special characters from the Necron codex were also released in finecast along with several metal miniatures from Orks, Grey Knights and Dark Eldar making the switch over to finecast.



I was very excited for August. I was all set for a new Chaos Space Marine codex and then.... it didn't come. Instead we got a White Dwarf update for Chaos Daemons and some new plastic and finecast kits. These included new Flamers, Screamers (who both had updated and better rules), Plaguebearers and a Chariot of Slaanesh. The Blue Scribes was also released in finecast alongside a Herold of Tzeentch on disc. In a weird move, Soul Grinders were also introduced to the Fantasy Daemons range.




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Miniature Review of 2012: Part 1 – Jan-Apr

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In this three part mini series I'm going to go over a selection of releases we saw from Games Workshop and Forgeworld over the last 12 months. What a year it has been for 40k players especially with the releases of 6th Edition from GW and Horus Heresy from FW. I'm going to start with the first 4 months of 2012 in this post.


January saw the release of Vampire Counts for Warhammer Fantasy. Along with a new army book there was a host of new miniatures including the Black Knights/Hexwraiths set and the Crypt Horrors/Vargheists. Keeping with Games Workshop new direction in Fantasy, the Vampire Counts also got a large warmachine in the form of the awesome Coven Throne/Mortis Engine. Forgeworld released some Skaven units for Warhammer Forge including Fimir Warriors and  Skaven Wolf Rats.

Coven Throne


The month of my 25th birthday, hurrah! Speaking of 25th birthdays it was also the 25th birthday of Warhammer 40,000. To celebrate GW released the 25th Anniversary miniature. This represented the Crimson Fist Space Marine from the original Rogue Trader book cover. Forgeworld also released a Space Marine tank crew featuring MKII and MKIV armour. Bits from this set will soon be available for purchase on our main site.


So we move into March. Forgeworld wanted us all to know what MKIV power armour and Terminator armour would look like together so they release the Tarteros Terminators. They also released the fantastic Chaos Space Marine Decimator Daemon Engine. From GW we saw new releases for Space Wolves and Tyranids. These included Thunderwolf Cavalry (finally), Fenrisian Wolves and for the Tyranids we saw a plastic Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord and a Tyranofex/Tervigon boxed set. On a personal level these releases made me want to start my own Tyranid army which I've been very slowly but surely been working on.

Swarmlord Conversion


April saw the release of one of my favourite Forgeworld sets., Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi. These two Minotaur special characters look awesome and have some great bits for use in any Space Marine army. Forgeworld also bought out the Rapier Laser Destroyer. The big Games Workshop release was the new Empire army book and miniatures. These included the massive Empire General on Griffon (which included the biggest set of wings GW have ever made!) and they also got 3 variants of wagons, The War Alter, Luminark of Hysh and Celestial Hurricanum. Also released were the Demigryph Knights. These used a new larger size cavalry base which we are now starting to see more of in Fantasy.


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Animosity – The Winning Miniatures

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As you may know I sponsor a few tournaments and I'm happy to promote any that are taking place. One such tournament was Animosity - In the Discordia System which was held recently. I thought I would share the two models that won the conversion competition and the painting competition respectively.

The first one is this awesome true scale Chaos Berserker Champion. The model was made using Chaos Terminator legs a chaos knight head, Ork Nob arms, some chains and a very unfortunate Dire Avenger.


The second model represents Vladimir Pugh, Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. It uses the 25th Anniversary body, Marneus Calgar's head and a power fist from the Space Marine Commander sprue.

Vladimir Pugh, Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists

The next Animosity event is a pre heresy tournament called In the Age of the Emperor. It takes place in March and you can follow this link for more information.


Upcoming Forgeworld Horus Heresy Goodies

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Forgeworld just released their latest newsletter which contains some rather exciting items in regards to the Horus Heresy. One kit you just know we'll be all over is the MKIV Power Weapon set. Whatever you think about FW's prices, at £20 this kit is a bargain for what you get in it. If you only want a few bits from it, well leave it to me. Bits from this set will be available in early January 2013.


Also coming out of Forgeworld are the Justaerin Terminators for the Sons of Horus. Another fine Heresy era Terminator kit from Forgeworld. They also have a weapon set which includes a multi melta!


Something that I don't stock is brass etch kits, however I still think they are really cool and now The Emperors Children have one to add details to their units and vehicles.



Warhammer Fantasy: Total War!!

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It's been announced today that The Creative Assembly, the guys behind the Total War series of games such as Rome Total War and Medieval Total War, have reached an agreement with GW to make a Warhammer version of the game. For someone like myself who loves these types of games this is simply awesome news and I cannot wait! To read The Creative Assembly's statement on the subject please visit this link.

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Animosity – In the Discordia System

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The Animosity - In the Discordia System campaign that we are sponsoring is just a few weeks away. If you're planning on going please note there is a change of venue. For me details please follow this link -

Also a shout out goes to the guys over at for their support of the event.

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Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook Leaked Info

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With the release of 6th edition just weeks away a little bit of information is seeping through. BOLS just reported that there will be a main rulebook (obviously) a set of pyschic cards and the usual templates and dice. The rulebook is a 440 page hardback and will cost a might £45! There will also be rules for flyers as we expected as well as dynamic close combat and interactive scenery. What these are no one really know but they sound very exciting. Also mentioned is psychic devastation. Pyschic powers have become more common in the last few months of 5th edition so I would expect to see much more in 6th edition.

I don't know about you guys but I'm pumped for the new edition and cannot wait!

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ANIMOSITY in the Dicordia System

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In December this year we are sponsoring a narrative tournament in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.

The tournament is called ANIMOSITY in the Dicordia System and it's taking place on the 15th - 16th of December at Maelstrom Games.

I wont be able to make it there in person but I will be sending over a host of great prize support.

More information can be found on here.

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