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Blanchitsu: Inquisitor Arbalan Mordax

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Another miniature for my little Blanchitsu collection is this Inquisitor who I've named Arbalan Mordax. He is a pretty simple conversion using legs, right arm and a torso from the Custodian Guard, along with a Grey Knights thunder hammer, a deathwatch inquisitor symbol, a Stormcast Eternals bird plus shoulder pads from the Tarteros Terminators. His head is from Scibor miniatures.

Blanchitsu Inquisitor

I have also made a painting tutorial below on how I painted him


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Blanchitsu: The Finished Warband

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This blog post is a bit delayed but a little while ago I finished the first Blanchitsu warband. Below are photos and even a video showing them all off.

Blanchitsu Warband Blanchitsu Blanchitsu Ruststalker Blanchitsu Astropath Blanchitsu Blanchitsu Blanchitsu Henchmen



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Blanchitsu: From Artwork to Miniature

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In this Blanchitsu post I am turning my focus to the first miniature in my second warband. This warband will follow the Genestealer Cult rules for Shadow War Armageddon. The first miniature is based off a piece of John Blanch artwork. This sketch below I assume is representing a Chaos Cultist however I may be wrong. Either way it's an awesome character and I knew I had to make a miniature for him.

John Blanche Chaos Cultist

The Tzeentch Kairic Acolytes had the perfect head for this miniature, I just added some hair to him. His blunderbus is from the old Empire Militia set, as is his torso. He uses legs from the Genestealer Cult Neophytes which is a great set for any Blanchitsu conversion. He has various spikes, including some ork armour plates and green stuff fur. I even added a little bottle on his back from the Tzeetnch Enlightened.

I've almost finished building the rest of this warband who we'll see in a later blog post. I will also be showcasing both warbands in a video for our YouTube Channel.



Blanchitsu: My First Warband – Part 3

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In part 3 it's time to look at the last two miniatures for this warband.

First up is this Astropath. A simple conversion using the Chaos Sorcerer for Age of Sigmar with a flagellants head and a couple of other little accessories.

This second model I call The Grave Digger. He uses the Necromancer miniature as his base, this time using a head from the Empire Great Swords, a metal top hat. He also has a shovel tucked away.

And here we have a group shot of the warband together. I do eventually plan to add something big and mechanical for these guys


Blanchitsu: My First Warband – Part 2

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So as promised, the second part of this series will focus on some of the weirder elements from this warband. I don't yet have names for any of these but we will start with this guy made from a Cairn wraith. He also uses hands from the skitarii ruststalkers, an old undead horse head and various pipes and tubes.

Blanchitsu, INQ28

The next character is built primarily from a ruststalker. He uses some bits from Bellasarius Cawl and a hat from the Empire Greatswords.

In the next part I will show you the last two miniatures from this warband.

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Blanchitsu: My First Warband – Part 1

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Yes you are seeing this right. A blog post on our blog and it's not April Fool's day anymore. This is the start of a blog and video series all about Blanchitsu. What is Blanchitsu? Well it's essentially Inquisitorial warband creation for Warhammer 40,000. If you're familiar with the game Inquisitor then if you think of it in 28mm scale then you're on the right track. Miniatures are usually painted extra dark and grimy to get that John Blanche feel. Below is the first video in our series looking at Blanchitsu which will tell you more about it, where to find inspiration and also how to get started.

So now that you know a little more about Blanchitsu I want to show you guys my first warband. The first miniature in this warband is already painted. This miniature was originally built for a steampunk style Ad Mech army that I had planned a while back (I may reignite this project in the future).
He is built mainly from the Tech Priest Dominus kit but uses the head from the Shaking Sean miniature from a game called Smog.

Next up we have the two henchmen for the warband. This first miniature uses the head from a Skitarii Ruststalker, Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrid Arms, Empire Greatsword Legs, a Cadian Backpack and a Militarium Tempestus Scions Torso as well as a couple of extra little bits.

Blanchitsu Henchmen

This second henchman also uses Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrid Arms and Empire Greatsword Legs. He uses a slightly different cadian backpack and also has a head from the Genestealer Cult Upgrade Sprue, a metal cowboy hat and a torso from the old Empire Militia set.

Blanchitsu Henchmen

In part 2 we will look at some of the more weirder creations from this warband.


Bitzbox Chapter: Assault Squad and Sanguinary Guard

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I have completed the first two squads for the Bitzbox Blood Angels Chapter. They are an Assault squad and a Sanguinary Guard squad. I will be adding more units of assault squads and Sanguinary Guard to the army as well as various other units over the next few months but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these.

blood_angels_assault_squad_1a blood_angels_assault_squad_1b blood_angels_assault_squad_1c blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1a blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1b blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1c blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1e blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1f

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Objective and Wound Markers

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I've been getting into the gaming side of Warhammer 40,000 a lot more recently. I've played more games this side of Christmas than in the few months before simply because of time restraints. Most of my gaming up until recently was casual gaming at home with friends but recently I've been participating in small local tournaments and plan on doing so a lot more.

The tournament experience allowed me to see what other people use for objectives and wound, hull point markers. At homes I was mainly using pieces from the old markers set (below) that GW did back in 5th edition which are pretty cool.


A lot of people local to me have not been in the hobby that long so don't have access to this set so have been using makeshift means such as dice to mark wounds and even models for objectives (for example we used Chaos Cultists in one game and Dire Avengers in another). Some people do use the current vehicle markers and objectives that GW provide that are also pretty good but I thought I would look at alternative means for these.

Using dice for wound markers usually means someone will accidentally pick them up and roll them so they are not always ideal. That said I am going to try out using numbered dice for this. Typically people use dice with dots for gaming so ones with actual numbers will stand out from them.

2014-01-27 18.45.47

I was searching for cheap objective markers I could use and was surprised at how little is available on the market. I did find these skull markers on eBay which I immediately bought. For under £5 they are great little objective markers.


For objective markers there's nothing better than making your own. Below are a couple of examples of some I have made which I really should paint. The first two use resin pieces from some cities of death pieces which may have been early FW pieces I'm not 100% sure as they are so old. The second one uses Praetorian Guard casualties.

2014-01-27 18.46.24

2014-01-27 18.47.06

There are also tons of bits such as barrels, ammo dumps etc. that GW make that could also be used to make objective markers. The opportunities are endless and I'm sure lots of you guys have made some really awesome ones.

I would love to see any objective markers you guys have made or what you guys use for wound and objective markers. Feel free to share on our Facebook page or post links below in the comments



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WELCOME BACK! so yeah day two of orkyness ZOOOOOOOOOOOM WAAAGGGHHHHHHH!.... *sniff cough* did it happen again? Dam.

Ok so last time we saw what the basic boy build was going to be like, and we saw what the first set of trucks.



Now I needed to work on something a little different.... so i dug through my plastic draws dedicated to Orks and found several Black Reach warbosses one of my favourite miniatures... but it just wasn’t quite fitting in with the theme. So i went through my random draw bits and found 3000 watch parts i bought a while back and added them to the klaw and i have to say im quite a fan of it.









Moving from the warboss i then decided to add my cogs and other parts to other miniatures in the army. So obviously i started work on a warboss in mega armour now i cheated and used Ghaz and im relatively happy with the result but am currently working on scratch building four or five as i think they will really stand out.

Mr warbosswarboss



Also needed a Big Mek with a certain build so quickly knocked one up

Big MekBig MekBig Mek

Ive started work on one of three Deaff Kopters some very simple conversions but does make a nice change.




Tommorow we have two flyers and a bastion possible even a really over the top flying base!






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I have a couple of rules when it comes to the hobby, one of them and a key one is never be put off by a good idea!

Ok so you’ve only just started again or you don’t think ya minis are as good as Warlord 22 on Dakka Dakka or on cool mini.... well you need to put that out of ya mind. Every hobbyist is his worst critic, I know I am.

Remember few of us started out great and we all learn at different speeds. I loved the "HUGE" harlequin that may have had photos on here a while back and I’m sure a lot of you guys looked at it went “WOW THATS EPIC !!” well guess what ya can do it, it just takes time and practise, if ya haven’t tried doing pin stripping how are ya going to know ya can’t do it?

When I’m sitting in my workshop with 80 arms 50 heads and 71 legs I try to imagine what my dream mini would be in this situation... now granted I don’t end up with the dream mini every time. This is partly due to the fact there not alive and don’t always answer me back when I’m talking to them,however most of the time I capture part of the scene ive built in my head. It’s only through advancing my skill set that I’m going to capture those moments further.

So it is my intention to update my small section of the guest blog ever day this week with a series of things I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. First as I have them on the desk and the camera’s right next to me. ORKS!!!! WAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! DAKKA DAKKA WHOOOOSH ZOOOOOM BANG!!!

*cough cough*

appear to have shown my true colours there.... so I wanted to restart my Ork’s, and I wanted to paint them to a high standard for a league that I take part in in my local area.

Now the theme to me was obvious it was going to be junk! That’s right my Ork’s are junkies they just can’t get enough of it, they don’t care if it’s elder junk imperial junk or if it’s less junk and more technology they’ll have it. I wanted each vehicle to be either converted from something else or for it to have a real thick junk feel to it. The basic Ork was going to be built using the Kommando kits from forge world they give the right feel for the lads.

Below the basic lad with Slugga and Choppa

Slugga ChoppaSlugga ChoppaSlugga Choppa


Then I started Trukks... Zoom, FASTER FASTER FASTER! yeah err… anyway I want each trukk in this army to look different and I don’t want them to look like the trukk on the box I want them to look individual. So when I started building them I wanted to work on a job for each one, what on the Emperors belly button could trucks do other then carry orks around....?

They can carry guns and junk to the orks who are already there!

Trukk 1Trukk1Trukk1


Trukk One - Ok so I went simple on this one I wanted a pile of junk. As you can see we have some guns, artillery shell casing, bombs, oh yeah and a really expensive clock.... well you know Orks are nothing if not flash (find the joke)










Trukk Two - So I said I wanted them different but to keep the theme and the style of Trukk with the Low profile. So I went with a little more bomb loader look.




Trukk three - Ok so number three is still a little work in progress. Used the forge world half track, now I would call myself an experienced hobbyist, but I still had a nightmare of a time with this kit, I was either tired or it was just a little warped in a few places so I had to do a lot of fiddling around with it to make it all work, the engine really didn’t want to look like an engine..



Tommorow HQ and other assorted Ork items.