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Blanchitsu: Inquisitor Arbalan Mordax

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Another miniature for my little Blanchitsu collection is this Inquisitor who I've named Arbalan Mordax. He is a pretty simple conversion using legs, right arm and a torso from the Custodian Guard, along with a Grey Knights thunder hammer, a deathwatch inquisitor symbol, a Stormcast Eternals bird plus shoulder pads from the Tarteros Terminators. His head is from Scibor miniatures.

Blanchitsu Inquisitor

I have also made a painting tutorial below on how I painted him


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An Hour Of Hobby

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Evening battle brothers, and obviously sisters lest we not forget, Waaaaaghh to all the Orks out there and 0100100001000101010011000100110001001111 to all the Necrons!


So... I only managed to spend an hour or so on the hobby at the weekend, and I thought I’d start work on the empire griffin as he’s a very large figure and I need to make sure I spend a large bulk of time on him making sure he’s as grand as I can make him.

I started on the base of the miniature, and was trying to work out something a little more exciting as its quite a static figure, I switched my laptop on and searched images of the empire griffin but to my surprise I couldn’t find many with a fancy base.

So I went to my hobby cave and went in search of something to use, I found cork, drift wood, green stuff and twigs. (You can purchase drift wood and twigs or just head to a park or beach and pick them up, remember to clean them and dry them out etc.)

Looking through one of my drift wood boxes I found a nice piece that looked a bit like pride rock from the lion king (don’t knock it I love it!)  and I took the saw to it, I also found some interesting shapes in some other twigs , applied some glue and layed it all together till I was happy.



I’m not unhappy with the result, still a lot of work to be done on the base but to be honest I love working on bases for large miniatures, next step is to soften the cork and to fill in some of the gaps and then raid my twigs and veins draw to see what else I can add, like I said I only spend an hour or so on both part, this part probably only took about 10minutes.


On to the griffin, so I want an amber wizard on the back of this little beasty as I think it will look great with the theme of the base, and I also love the look of the wizard , plus I already have plans for the other two figure you have the choice from in the box. I didn’t go for any real conversion work other than the plume on the griffin's head which is from the same kit, one set of feathers is for a helmet and the other I have no idea what its used for (who needs instructions)  but I liked the way it looked and it gave some more movement to the figure so I went with it, I didn’t like the angle the griffon was at so you'll notice a piece of cork under his back foot which I'll blend into the piece as a whole. I think the griffin looks very regal and not to over the top he’s only pinned so I can lift him on and off this is be extremely important at the painting stage! So this was about 50-60minutes most of which was testing different bits to see if I wanted to try and cut his wings and re-shape them but I’ll be honest I kind of loved the look it already had on the base so went with it.


Please leave comments and I hope you find an spare hour here and there to do some more to your hobby pieces, peace out (wow that was old school! I refuse to hang my head in shame though!)


Jim from jimmy’s workshop


A quick post to say hello!

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Morning all, my name is Aidan and I'm a new guest blogger here on bitzbox - something that I couldn't be more excited about.

As an introduction I thought I'd post a couple of my more popular paint jobs from recent years. Something I plan to blog about here is the more 'technical' side of painting mini's - micro-detailing, using an airbrush, oils and pigments, transfers etc.

Imperial Fist Stormtalon

Dark Eldar Razorwing Flamejob

Chaos Space Marine Galaxy Pattern Rhino

Dark Eldar Purple Flamejob


So, until next time -



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An Old Rust Effect Tutorial I Found

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I was looking through some of my old 40K photos and found some step by step images from an old tutorial I did on making a rust/weathered paint effect for vehicles.

Start off by painting the colour you want to be showing through under the paint. Most commonly this would be bare metal or a rusty red colour which is what I've gone for here. I can't remember which colours I used exactly but a mix of red and brown is commonly used.


What you need to do next requires too items you wouldn't usually use when painting. These are salt and hair spray. Sprinkle salt randomly on to the model and then use the hair spray to hold it on.


Once this is dry you then paint the base coat for the model.


Once your base coat is dry you can then start to remove the salt from the model. This will then leave the rust colour showing through underneath. You may be required to use an old toothbrush and warm water to do this depending how easy the salt will come off.


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