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Angron: Sizing Up A Primarch

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So I got my hands on the new Angron model from Forgeworld. As you know this is the first official model of a Primarch and it is a beauty. I'm not a fan of the 60mm scenic base at all but Angron himself is well scultped with some lovely details and iconography worthy of a Primarch.

This post is basically showing how he compares up size wise with other models. You'll see from the photos that he is of course larger than a standard marine without being completely OTT in size and of course smaller than a Daemon Prince. I think FW got this model perfect. He also isn't too bulky as he wears lighter armour than most Primarchs. One fellow light armour wearer is Fulgrim. My Fulgrim model is only a tiny bit smaller than Angron which I would expect to be right as he is certainly one of the smaller Primarchs.


Primarch Project – Forgeworld Officially Announce Angron Model

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When I first hear a couple of months back that Forgeworld were doing Primarch models I was caught in two minds. On one hand I already have a few models from alternative sources so didn't really wish to buy them again, on the other hand it meant they would also be releasing rules so I could use the models I have and fill in the gaps with superior FW quality models.

The first Primarch to be released by Forgeworld is Angron from the World Eaters legion. He is a whopping £50 which has pretty much answered my query on whether I bother buying Fulgrim and Mortarion (the two to be rumoured next) to replace the ones I already have and if they also come in at £50 each then the answer will most certainly be no despite the superior quality. It's likely I will buy this version of Angron to add to my collection. The scale of the model looks about right compared to what I already have and I love his dynamic pose. So expect to see my Angron model on this blog in a couple of months when FW release him on their website. I'm not lucky enough to be at GamesDay this year so will have to wait. In the meantime here are some photos of Angron from the FW website.


Corax – Primarch of the Raven Guard

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I have finished painting up my conversion of Corvus Corax, the Primarch of the Raven Guard. I have attempted some more NMM gold on this model and I am gradually improving my skills with this technique. I'm particularly pleased with how the Ravens head on his shoulder pad turned out.


Represent Sanguinius and Mortarion with Scibor

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The next two models I'm going to show you from my project are the cheapest two of the bunch as they are readily available from Scibor. You may be familiar with the Scibor conversion parts I sell on the website but they also make full character models which are great to represent characters in 40k due to their size and detail. Like a lot of these 3rd party websites you get the odd parts/models that are used to represent something from GW's 40K universe and these two models fall into that category. I was a bit weary about the scale of these models but they are roughly the same size as my other primarch models and fit right in.

The first one is the 28mm Sci Fi Archangel which makes an excellent Sanguinius. The model pictured below is from Scibor's website. I wanted to show off their excellent NMM gold as it's just so gorgeous. I have been practicing this technique on small areas of my Primarch Corax model which you'll see fully painted in the next post of this series. When it comes to my Sanguinius I'm going to paint him red and gold like the artwork on the Primarch's book cover and also how he's described in Deliverance Lost I believe.

The next model is called SF Angel of Death and he represents the Death Guard Primarch Mortarion. My original plan was to convert him using the Nightbringer like this guy on Warseer has done excellently, however he is large enough just how he is and I didn't want him to look huge compared to the other Primarches. He already stands out due to his large wings.


Raven Guard Primarch: Corax

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In this post, which is the 2nd part of my Primarch project series I will be sharing with you a conversion of Corax, the Primarch of the Raven Guard. The model I based this conversion from, like nearly all of my Primarch models in this series was an alternative model to represent Corax. I'm not sure who or what company originally made these although I bought a lot of mine from a Russian guy called Vladimir. A lot of these Primarch models represent Primarches quite well but after seeing the cover art for Deliverance Lost I really wanted my Corax to represent the Corax from the cover art of the book. This meant changing his jump pack and weapons.


I've used a jump pack from the Forgeworld Mark II Assault Squad along with the wings from a Dark Eldar Scourage model. There was only one claw I would even consider using for his right hand and that was the claw from the Forgeworld Lugft Huron model. I also wanted him to have a whip just like the cover art. It was quite tricky finding a suitable whip. All the Dark Eldar ones and fantasy ones I thought about using were way too small. I did have a whip from the Bloodthirster left over from another conversion from this series (more on that in the future) and despite being quite on the large side it does make a very impressive weapon worthy of any Primarch.

I wont be painting him up just yet. In the next post I'll show some models that are easily available to buy that would represent a couple of Primarches very well and fit in with the scale that I'm using here.


Introducing The Primarch Project & Fulgrim

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For a while now I've been collecting models from alternative sources to represent the Space Marine Primarchs. I know have 14 of the 18 Primarchs as well as a model of The Emperor. Over a series of blog and forum posts I will be showing off the collection and hopefully start painting them up to the best standard I can do. I currently only have one that is painted. These are such great models that painting them is such a daunting task for myself. I'm not the best painter in the world although I do believe I can achieve a decent table top standard. Well how about I let you judge for yourself? The first model on show from this collection is The Emperor's Children Primarch Fulgrim.

This model was painted by myself about a year ago now. It's quite an early attempt at NMM gold. The camera also fails to pick out the contrast as well as it should which makes the gold areas look more browner than they should be. Overall though I am happy with this model. As I said I'm not a great painter but with all of these Primarch models I will paint them to the best of my ability.

If you like him please head over to coolimiornot and help boost up his rating. I think it's quite harsh at the moment!

Next up.... Corax of the Raven Guard.