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The Dark Red Grey Knights

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Ever since the Grey Knight's codex was first released I wanted to have my own Grey Knight army but I didn't want plain old silver like every other army out there. I really liked the idea of dark red armoured Grey Knights so I painted up a few miniatures. I also had 9 Paladins for this army but they have since been sold on eBay. The miniatures you see here will also be going on eBay as part of our upcoming Comic Relief charity auctions. If you're interested in owning these models in the near future be sure to keep an eye on our blog for when these go up for auction.

Librarian, Grand Master and Apothecary

Librarian, Grand Master and Apothecary

Strike Squad

Strike Squad





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Internet Archives – Halo 40k Army

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Another inspirational army from the archives is this Halo themed army which I assume was used to represent Imperial Guard. It features some awesome conversions to represent Halo characters vehicles and even the weapons. Another great shame that this website is not active but luckily I saved the images so they can be shared again and not lost in the Internet.

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Internet Archives – Simpsons Space Marines

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Roughly ten years ago I remember flicking through various 40K related websites whilst still at school and came across one which happened to be Currently Bitzbox seems to be an online trading website for the hobby which is why I had to use the domain for my website. The old however had a section called Codex:Springfield which showcased some awesome Space Marines with Simpsons characters heads sculpted onto them. Recently I was going through some old 40K photos on my hard drive and found these. It would be such a shame for these to be lost forever on the Internet so I thought I would share them with you guys as they are just amazing.


Animosity – The Winning Miniatures

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As you may know I sponsor a few tournaments and I'm happy to promote any that are taking place. One such tournament was Animosity - In the Discordia System which was held recently. I thought I would share the two models that won the conversion competition and the painting competition respectively.

The first one is this awesome true scale Chaos Berserker Champion. The model was made using Chaos Terminator legs a chaos knight head, Ork Nob arms, some chains and a very unfortunate Dire Avenger.


The second model represents Vladimir Pugh, Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. It uses the 25th Anniversary body, Marneus Calgar's head and a power fist from the Space Marine Commander sprue.

Vladimir Pugh, Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists

The next Animosity event is a pre heresy tournament called In the Age of the Emperor. It takes place in March and you can follow this link for more information.


Making A Warhammer 40,000 City Board – Part 1

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In the first of this series about how I made a city board and terrain for Warhammer 40,000 I am going to show you how I made the actual board itself. I started with a 8'x4' bit of MDF. I have had this bit of MDF for at least 10 years and I've always gamed on it. It used to just be painted green, then it had static grass card sheets glues to it which I have removed due to wear and tear. I started it's makeover by painting it with textured paint. This paint was made from regular cream silk wall paint mixed with a lot of builders sand until it was a consistency that I was happy with. I then painted the whole board with it, being careful to give it an even coat.

You could of course mix this with paint to the exact shade you wish to paint your board with. I didn't do this as the textured paint I use is something I have had for a while and have used on various projects. So naturally the next step is to then paint it the colour I wanted. I decided to go with a fairly dark grey. Again this was made using regular silk paint. This time I mixed white with some black poster paint. It's certainly been quite handy to have lots of left over paint from when I painted the rooms in my house which I can use for this project. You could of course just use cheap poster paint or something similar for this. Again I gave it an even coat. I painted on the first coat with a brush and then gave it another coat using a roller.

As the board is 8'x4' and most games are played on a 6'x'4 I painted on a board edge. I wanted to do something different so I painted a hazard stripe. This was done by using masking tape to mask off the areas and then paint on the yellow, followed by the black. I used GW Aveland Sunset and Game Color Black to paint this. In the past I've had trouble setting up deployment areas for the Vanguard Strike mission. I thought it would be a very good idea to paint on diagonal lines for this so I only have to measure once and then they are always there. Again I used masking take for this. The lines were painted with Stegadon Scale Green from GW.

So that's the start of the board. The next few posts will look at some of the terrain.


Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Test Model

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I've been wanting to do a Pre Heresy army for quite some time now and after trying to decide which chapter to do I have come to the conclusion that Imperial Fists would be the ones for me. This is mainly that I do not have any yellow armies and also my main Space Marine army is the Crimson Fists so their founding fathers so to speak would be perfect. The problem is that yellow isn't easy to paint. At least that was my initial thought. I'm by no means a great painter but I can paint table top standard quality pretty well and in painting this miniature I didn't find painting yellow to be the struggle I expected. This is mainly down to the awesome Averland Sunset from GW and this fantastic tutorial: Painting Yellow by Dave Taylor. The different between my model and Dave's is that I opted for a black undercoat as I wanted a darker yellow. I also used Bleached Bone instead of Pale Sand but apart from that all the other colours I used were the same as on Dave's tutorial.

To give the model a more realistic feel I wanted to add some battle damage. Again I'm no expert in this field but found another great tutorial for painting damage. The painting battle damage by Brush Brothers really gave me a very good step by step guide to follow for realistic battle damage. They also have as part of that tutorial a way for painting yellow. I'm of course no where near as good as the painters in the above two articles but I aspire t one day reach their level and tutorials like this are a great way for painters to reach a higher level. I may not be at their standard yet but practice will make perfect. It's my aim over the next few months to find some miniature painters to share tips and tutorials on this very blog.

So anyway on to the miniature. I used the MKIII Space Marine parts from Forgeworld and also the shield from the Space Marine Boarding kit and a Pre Heresy boltgun. The Mark II and Mark III armour really represents the Imperial Fists well in my opinion. That whole siege image fits well with these armour types so they will feature heavily in my army. The boarding shield again adds to this image.

Pre Heresy Imperial Fist


Tyranid Genestealer Conversion

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I shared this on our Facebook page last night and thought I would post it on the blog too. This is a Genestealer from the Space Hulk boxed set that I've converted using a few bits from the Citidel Woods set and a lot of green stuff. I will be using this as a Brood lord in my new Tyranid army. I am also converting up more Genestealers from the Space Hulk set so look out for those.

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