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The New 40k Psychic Phase

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Earlier in the week I made a little video going over how the new Warhammer 40,000 psychic phase works.

I thought I would add to this with a little article giving my initial thoughts on this. I am happy with the addition of this. There were initial concerns when I first heard about it that it could be like the Warhammer Fantasy magic phase but luckily it's not quite the same. There's always been times in games when players have forgotten to make psychic powers such as blessings or didn't do them at the right time at least. One thing this new phase does is eliminate that element from the game. It also makes psychic powers more straight forward to roll and the dice pool adds a more tactical element to spell casting as it makes you have to decide how many dice to use for each power and deny the witch.

I like the new perils of the warp table. It can be quite deadly but it's effects at least makes the psyker's almost redundant leadership value come into play. I like that a roll of 6 actually makes your psyker better but a roll of 1 kills him and his unit if he fails a leadership check.

We are without a doubt going to see more psyker's on the table. They became increasingly popular over 6th edition's short life span and I expect that popularity to grow. I certainly want to try a few more myself. There's been a lot of talk about the daemonology powers and invisibility from the telepathy tree being the early edition game breakers. I have yet to try out daemonology but I'm looking forward to trying it out if it's not too broken. Call me old fashioned but I miss the days when a greater daemon would burst out from one of my HQ choices.

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Some Musings About Allies In 40K

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So the subject of allies has came up a few times recently within my gaming circle and after a recent game it was clear to me that my Chaos Space Marine army could benefit from allies so I thought I would right this article about my thoughts on some of my plans with allies in the near future.

tumblr_lsb7xoT5jT1qjo5noMy original plan was to use Chaos Daemons as allies for my Chaos Space Marines. Seems like an obvious choice, except that the list I run for CSM is not extremely shooty and Chaos Daemons offer very little in terms of shooting. I use a lot of plague zombies who have no shooting and a lot of other nurgle themed units such as Spawn with MoN and Bikers with MoN. My main shooting unit are my havocs. I found that I really lack a lot of small arm fire in numbers but I'm not too keen on just replacing zombies with cultists as I really do like being able to take zombies. So despite really loving the Bloodthirster I will keep my daemons as a separate army and maybe in the future add the likes of cultists and havocs to them via allies to give them some shooting options themselves.

So this brings me onto the most important thing when it comes to choosing allies in my opinion and that's finding some allies who compliment your main army. The potential is there to make some really well balanced lists that are all round good at a bit of everything which is what I look for in an army. You may want something really shooty or something really good in assault but in my experience in 6th Edition an all round army fairs quite well as does shooty armies, yet heavy assault based armies can fall short unless they are really fast.

So what are my options? One army I may make a small allied force of is Tau. Considering that everyone apart from Tyranids can take Tau as allies makes them a great army just to have lying around anyway. Lets say like me you have a small gaming club or you run a store that people can play in. Having some Tau which almost everyone can take is a great option. You may want to play larger games but your potential opponents don't have enough models for a larger game but by having some Tau available for them to use would allow them to do so. This is something I want to do in my game club and in time I will. So Tau are an option for my Chaos. Although I really don't like Tau and Chaos fighting side by side, they do offer some great shooting options and really cool models.

The other army I really like are Imperial Guard. I already have a lot of zombies and an IG infantry platoon would really add even more numbers to my army as well as a lot of different shooting options. They have plenty of other units that I really like such as Vendettas, Lemas Russ tanks and Sentinels. The only drawback is that they would require myself purchasing a lot of models. I'm leaning towards IG despite most likely buying Tau for my club anyway so I may try to proxy some IG with cultist models before I jump right in.

I would love to hear about other people's experiences and use of allies in 40K.

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Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 4

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In this final part of my Codex Chaos Daemons review I'm going to be looking at some of the army wide rules such as warlord traits, the warp storm table and also look at the rewards and psychic powers. This final section is basically just me going through what things do rather than giving my opinion on them.

Chaos-Daemon-Tyranid-Warhammer-40000-40kA big change in this book is the change in deployment. The army no longer arrives in two waves which you roll for, instead they deploy just like any other army and can only leave up to 50% of the army in reserve. Every unit still has the deep strike special rule. It's also worth noting that units no longer given marks like they are in the Codex Chaos Space Marines book. They are instead just called Daemons of their god, such as Daemons of Khorne etc. It's important to know this for rules such as the tally of pestilence rule which now only affects units who are Daemon's of Nurgle and not units with the mark of Nurgle so no more increasing your tally with CSM allies. Each god grants their daemons different rules. As well as obviously granting them the daemon rule, Khorne gives them furious charge, Tzeentch gives them +3 leadership for Psychic tests, Nurgle grants shrouded and slow and purposeful and Slaanesh gives daemons Fleet and Rending. They also all gain hatred to an opposing god. Nurgle daemons gain hatred against Tzeentch daemons and vise versa and Khorne daemons have hatred against Slaanesh daemons and vise versa.

Another army wide rule is the daemonic instability. You roll a leadership test when you lose a combat and like the old fearless rule you lose wounds or models equal to the number you failed the test by with no armour saves at all! There are slight changes however as on a double 1 result you restore every lost wound and casualty lost in the preceding combat. On the flip side a double 6 result wipes out your entire unit! The warlord traits are not too bad. You can give the warlord's melee attacks Instant Death, give him and his unit Hatred. There's also one that causes enemy units to take fear tests with a -1 leadership and one that lets all deep striking units within 6" of the warlord deep strike without scattering. The best two in my opinion is one that lets all units within 12" re roll failed Daemon Instability and one that lets you re roll on the warp storm table.

Moving on now to the much talked about warp storm table. If Daemons are your primary attachment then every shooting phase you need to roll on this chart with 2D6. The results can seem quite devastating on paper but a lot of unlucky rolling is required to damage your army significantly and some lucky rolling can be really good for you. A roll of double 1 forces every daemon unit to take a daemonic instability test and a roll of 3 causes a single character to take the Daemon Instability test with 3D6.  A roll of 4 lowers all your invulnerable saves by 1 but a roll of 10 increased them by 1. Results of 5,6,8 and 9 are all attacks from chaos gods a6 hits gainst units from the god they have hatred towards. You have to roll for each unit affected and only on a roll of 6 are they then attacked and this attack is either a blast that scatters or D6 attacks so you do need to be really unlucky to cause serious damage. The most common roll on a 2D6 is a 7 which does absolutely nothing. 11 is an awesome result, it causes an enemy psyker to take a leadership test on 3D6 and if they fail they are removed as a casualty! A roll of 12 lets you summon a 2D6+3 new models forming a  troop unit of your choice which you must immediately deep strike.

I love the daemonic rewards. You have three types of rewards, lesser, greater and exalted. You roll for which reward each model who takes these have and you can also swap them out for a primaris reward if you don't like your result. The lesser and greater primaris rewards are magic weapons and the exalted ones are hellforged artifacts. I'm not going to go into all the weapon and artifacts rules in this series so you'll need to buy the book to see what they do but for the points you pay for these rewards the magic weapons are worth the points. The lesser rewards are not too bad. For 10 points you can get some nice shooting attacks such as a str5, ap5 armourbane flamer or a str8 ap4 assault 1 soul blaze 18" shot. There's also a reward that causes D3 str4 ap5 attacks against a unit that causes you to lose a wound in combat, a reward that makes your close combat hits of 6 wound at double strength (upto 10). A roll of 4 gives you adamantium will and a 6 gives you +1 to your reserve rolls.

The greater rewards are my favourite and I want to give 2 of them to my bloodthirster for sure. Why? Well There's a chance he could get Feel No Pain 4+ or 1+ wound and it will not die or re rolls for all his failed invulnerable saves! There's also a str8, ap 1 18" lance shot and another reward that grants you armourbane and fleshbane in combat. A roll of 6 grants you with a 3+ armour save so there's really no bad result here. On a roll of 1 for the exalted rewards you get to re roll on the table and also roll on the lesser rewards table. A 2 grants you ability that at the end of your assault you count up the total number of wounds caused and roll 2D6. You add 1 to the result for every 3 wounds caused and if the result is greater than a 9 you can summon a new squad of daemons as described on the warp storm table. A result of 3 lets you regenerate a wound on a 2+ after an assault if you've caused unsaved wounds yourself. A 4 gives you rage and rampage, 5 lets you come back from ongoing reserves with 1 wound after you've been slain and a 6 Gives you a strength 2D6 Ap4 24" blast shot which is a large blast if you roll a 11 or 12 for the strength value.

Lastly I'm going to look at the Psychic powers. I think there's some really good powers in this book. I'll go through them god by god starting with Tzeentch. The primaris power here gives you a range 24" Str5 AP4 Assault 2D6 shot with warpflame and soulblaze. Using more warp charge points can make this 3D6 or 4D6 shots. 1-2 gives you the witchfire power power Tzeentch's firestorm which again is 24" but StrD6+1 AP- Assault 1 blast with warp flame. 3-4 is The bolt of change which is a 24" beam with D6+4 Strength and AP2 assault 1 warpflame which is pretty nice as is the 5-6 roll which is an 18" witchfire shot with D6+4 strength again but AP1 assault 1 blast with warpflame.

Nurgle powers give you an AP3 template weapon with poison 4+ as the primaris power. 1-2 gives you a range 12" AP2 large blast which again is poison 4+ but doesn't affect vehicles. The 3-4 result is called the miasma of pestilence which is a blessing power. At the start of each sub fight phase you roll a D3. All enemy units locked in combat with the target suffer that result to their weapon skill and initiative. 4-6 gives you rancid visitations. This is a 12" nova power that causes the target to take a toughness test or they suffer a wound with no armour or cover saves. If they do lose a wound then roll again for another model in the unit and repeat until the test is passed or the unit is destroyed. Lastly there's Slaanesh, their primaris power is lash of slaanesh which is a strength 6 beam power with 24" range and no AP but it is rending. 1-2 is a power called Acquiescence which targets a unit within 18" and causes -5 to their initiative and they can also not overwatch or counter attack whilst the power is in effect. Nasty. 3-4 is the Pavane of Slaanesh, a focused witchfire power that works the same as Nurgle's rancid visitations but the unit must a leadership test instead or a toughness test. The 5-6 result is called the cacophonic chior. This is a 12" nova power that causes the target unit to roll 2D6 and subtract their leadership value. The result is how many wounds they lose with no armour saves allowed. They then must also take a pinning test.

So that's my mini series regarding the chaos daemons. I hope you enjoyed the series, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 3

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In this part of my Codex Chaos Daemons review I look at the Fast Attack and Heavy support choices from the book.

Fast Attack

I'm going to start with the flesh hounds of Khorne. These guys are now an extra point each but gain an extra wound, WS and scout! A lot of ole may look straight t plague drones or seekers when looking through the fast attack but these little guys could well surprise a few people. A bargain fo 16pts each in my opinion. Could be used as a great tarpit unit or to weaken enemy lines before your slower units can enter the fray. Screamers as expected took a nerf. The now only get one attack if they choose to use lamprey's bite. This is still good to have against units with 2+ saves but against anything else you'll find their 4 attacks each on the charge will output just as much or even more damage. Still a good combat unit in my opinion.

One  of the new units in this book are the plague drones of nurgle. Whether you're a fan of the models or not they are a pretty decent unit. You get all the benefits of the mark of nurgle as well as T5 and 3 wounds each. They are a bit pricey at 42pts each and they can be further upgraded to have poison 3+ attacks and can also be given an upgrade to make one of their attacks cause instant death. Another upgrade is a shooting attack called deaths heads which isn't very strong but with so few shooting units in this book it's always nice to have some firepower when available. Furies are still terrible but they are just 6 points each now. They only have leadership 2 so if they are forced to take a daemonic instability test they are gone. Might be worth it if you have spare points and want more bodies but not a unit I would take personally.

Slaanesh are represented in the fast attack slots by Seekers and Hellflayers. Seekers seem to be a popular choice in this codex. They are very fast and all their attacks rend. They are now only 12 points each and gain a WS but lose an initiative point and attack. They also have outflank as well as deep strike so you have various options when it comes to how to enter play with these. I'm not overly convinced at the surviabilty of these. At T3 and W1 they will die very quickly but for 12 points you can afford to take large units and they will pack a punch. The hellflayer is a chariot. I will admit I have very little experience with chariots as they are not the type of units that appeal to me. They can cause some damage with their hammer of wrath attacks but getting to combat itself will always be the issue. They are only 11-11-10 and 2HP so will attract firepower and go down quickly. Plus in the heavy support choices you have a better option for these.

P1140567Heavy Support

The soul grinder is your go to guy for anti air firepower as his harvester cannon can fire flakk shells. He has to take a mark but can be given mark of khorne for free. He can take other shooty upgrades including Baleful Torrent (template, Str6, AP4) Phlegm Bombardment (36" Str8 AP3 ordnance 1 large blast), my favourite and warp gaze (24" Str10 AP1). Remember this guy is BS3 so I don't think warp gaze is worth taking when you're going to miss half the time. The soul grinder also has 4HP and 13-13-11 armour and he ignores shaken and stunned results on a 2+ so if he has survivability which I like. The ugliest thing I've ever seen is the skull cannon of khorne. It is a terrible looking model but not so bad on the battlefield. The cannon puts out a 36" Str8 AP5 large blast that ignores cover which will be good against hordes. In addition to that any unit hit by it that's in cover can be charged in that daemons assault phase without any initiative penalty. Whilst I'm talking about this model I'll give a quick mention to the Blood Throne which is a dedicated chariot which uses the ugly sprue from this model. Both units have a special rule called Gorefeast which gives them the chance to regenerate a hull point after a successful hammer of wrath attack. The main benefit for the blood throne in my opinion is the ability to give all khorne daemon units units within 6" the heralds loci abilities.

Onto the Burning chariot of Tzeentch, another new unit for this book. It has some nice shooting attacks in the blue and pink fire of Tzeentch attacks. The blue gives you an 18" Heavy D3 lascannon and pink fire is a Str5 AP3 flamer. Both have the warpflame ability as mentioned in the last part of this review. You can also give this unit rewards. At the time of writing this people are screaming for this unit to be FAQ'd. It's shooting attacks are heavy and technically they belong to the rider so as rules written this thing cannot move and shoot! Chariots themselves are relentless so I do expect the FAQ to allow them to fire on the move. If that isn't the case then don't bother with this unit.

Lastly are the seeker chariots. These are better than those in the fast attack as you can take them in squadrons of upto 3 they are only 40 points each. You can also have Exalter seeker chariots in this squad at 75 points and they have 4 HPs. You may also give them all rewards which could make them quite a nasty unit. Nothing else that wasn't mentioned in the fast attack equivalent is needed. If you do wish to run chariots in your army then I would have these over the fast attack ones every day.

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Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 2

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bloodletterIn this second part of my Codex Chaos Daemons review I look at the Troops and Elites choices from the book.


Every troops choice now has been significantly lowered in points costs and stats making people suggest Daemons are now a horde army. Personally I see them somewhere between a horde army and where they were before. I wouldn't take any of the troop options in squads of less than 20 models due to their lack of shooting attacks make them very vulnerable. They all suffer a drop in leadership to 7 which can hurt with instability tests. They can however take champions now who gain a bonus attack and access to the rewards.

Bloodletters are now 10 points but are now only T 3 and have 1 attack. They do gain a regular 6+ save for the rare occasions they cannot use their inv. save. They took a big hit when 6th was released due to their powerswords being AP3 but I still see them as being a decent combat unit if you can get them there. Only models with a 2+ or high initiative will give them much trouble despite them being less survivable.

Daemonettes, like all Slaanesh units now have fleet and all their attacks rend. They are now only 9 points a model but lose an attack and initiative point but are WS5. Personally I would prefer Bloodletters for my combat role over these. Pink Horrors have the Brotherhood of Sorcerers special rule and can take powers from the Change discipline which have some pretty decent shooting attacks. They gain additional warp charge points when used in larger squads. They also have the blue horrors special rule which causes a weak attack on the enemy whenever a pink horror is killed in combat.

Plaguebearers took the biggest hit in the troops section. They lose their T5 and Feel No Pain and are now only T4. You can give them back FNP with a Herald of Nurgle if you wish however. As they are also Nurgle Daemons they are slow and purposeful but do gain shrouded. They are not terrible by any means but are no longer the automatic go to troops choice in the book.


Moving onto the elites now and I'll start with the bloodcrushers. These were great in 5th but now I'm not so sure. They are now T4 and as daemons no longer have Eternal warrior they will drop quickly to missile launchers despite now having 3 wounds. For the points I would rather just have a large unit of Bloodletters. Flamers as expected got nerfed but lets face it, along with Screamers they were way over the top. I now think they are worth exactly what you pay for them. They count as jump infantry with 2 wounds and still put out template hits but they are only str 4 ap4 which will still cause nightmares for horde armies. In addition to that they have the warpflame special rule which causes an additional D3 wounds with no armour or cover saves if the enemy unit fails a toughness test. If they pass however they receive FNP6+. or +1 to their existing FNP. Beasts of Nurgle don't seem too bad. I wouldn't use them personally but they are beasts (obviously) and can charge in the opponents assault phase providing that enemy unit made a successful charge that turn which is nice. They also have It Will Not Die and Poison 4+. They are still a lot of points each for what are essentially tar pit units in my opinion.

Lastly we have the Fiends of Slaanesh who have gained a wound and initiative but lost 1 to their strength and 2 of their attacks. They also no longer have hit and run but cause a -5 to the initiative of any unit they charge until the end of that phase. I would prefer these over beasts of nurgle as they are quick and a lot cheaper. You're almost always going to go first in combat with these so they could be a good unit to weaken enemy lines just in time for your other nasties to come in.

In part 3 I will look at Fast Attack and Heavy Support. If you have any comments please leave them below.

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Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 1

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bloodthirsterThe new Chaos Daemons books for Fantasy and 40k have been out for a week now and as a Daemon player in 40k I thought I would give my opinions on the book after going through it during the last week. A new book always brings with it a lot of changes in the form of new units, exciting units being nerfed, made cheaper, more expensive or even more powerful. This book is no exception.

I'm not going to go through every single unit in this book in too much detail but I'll give my first impressions on them.


The unit which stood out the most for me in the HQ section was the Bloodthirster. I've always been a fan of this bad boy and he's even better now. He remains at 250 points but may be given Daemonic Rewards (I'll talk about them in future post) which can make him even better. He now has WS and BS10 but loses 1 point to his strength and Leadership but now has a 3+ save, Initiative 9 and an extra attack and wound! Lets not forget he's also a flying monstrous creature. With combat taking a bit of a back foot in 6th Edition it's nice to have units like this who can take on pretty much anything and win in combat. Just watch out for anything that causes instant death and you should be fine. His axe and shooting attack are also AP2 which is huge in this edition.

In regards to the other greater daemons I see them being used more as tough psyker units. They can all be upgraded to mastery level 3 and each can take powers from different disciplines to each other so it's a matter of taste which one to take. The great unclean one as expected is tough to kill due to his toughness 7 and 6 wounds which are both an improvement on his last stat line but he now only has a 5+ inv. save like the other daemons and he is the only greater daemon to have a price increase.

As far as the special greater daemon characters go I feel that Skarbrand isn't worth taking no more. He's taken a 75 point decrease but IMO he isn't as good as a regular. bloodthirster. He gains armourbane and fleshbane but has a poor shooting attack, isn't a FMC and cannot take rewards. Fateweaver loses the ability which allows nearby units to reroll saves and is even worse in combat than before (not that you want him in combat). What he does gain though is The Two Heads of Fate Rule. He is a pysker mastery level 4 on each head! These can generate 4 powers each from 5 tables between them but only one head can be used a turn. Ku'gath has much better stats now, including 7 wounds! He can also throw out a large AP3 blast that's poisoned 4+ with 24" range but there's a power on the nurgle chart that does the same at half the range but is AP2.

If greater daemons are not your thing you could use a daemon prince. Much like in the Chaos Space Marines codex these can become very expensive very fast once you give them upgrades but they are not a great deal worse than a greater daemon when kitted out. Personally I would take a greater daemon if I wish to have a daemon prince also so I can take them as a heavy support choice instead (providing their marks match).

At the other end of the spectrum are the heralds. You can still take 4 of them but they only take up one HQ choice between them (which could be a unit itself if you so wish). These are very cheap models, all being 45 points apart from the Khorne one who is 55 points. They can all take rewards and in addition to them can also take upgrades called Daemonic Loci. These upgrades offer boosts their units. Again I'll talk about these in more detail in a future post. I'd be surprised if we see many heralds run without these upgrades. Heralds can also take steeds and Tzeentch and Slaanesh heralds can also take a chariot.

The herald special characters remain in the book. Most of them have taken a decrease in points. I've only ever used Skulltaker myself in the past and he is now 40 points cheaper but has WS and BS9, S5, I9 and has eternal warrior. In regards to the other characters I've not had any experience with them. Epidemius still has the Tally of Pestilence ability but it's not as good as before and only works for daemons of nurgle now so no more mark of nurgle allies adding to the tally. I really like The Eternal Dance ability which The Masque has. It targets a single unit upto 12" away and it can lower the units WS or BS or does a str1 AP2 attack which hits every model in the unit. She also rerolls her Inv. save. The Blue Scribes no longer argues with itself and at the start of each turn it can roll on any psychic table and use that power without using any of it's warp charge points which is nice. It is also classed as a jetbike rather than jump infantry.

The Changeling and Karanak are also now in the HQ section which is a shame. I cannot see them being taken very much. The Changeling also loses the Glamour of Tzeentch ability.

So that's a rather long review of the HQ. I would love to hear other people's opinions and experiences. In the next part I'll look at the Troops and Elites.

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Which Weapons to Give Chaos Space Marine Havocs

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When I first looked through the Chaos Space Marine codex and saw the Havoc Squad entry I was quite surprised at how cheap the squads and weapons are. I'm going to run down a few different combinations and their effectiveness in 6th Edition.

5 Man Squad with 4 Autocannons - 115pts
This is the configuration that has been most popular since the codex was released. At 115 points it is an absolute bargain for 8 Strength 7 shots that hit on 3's. Great for killing light armour and even effective against zooming light armoured flyers. Take an aegis with a quad gun and you're throwing out a lot of shots from this squad. I used two of these squads in my first draft of my Typhus list. They had a mixed effectiveness in my games. I mainly play against power armour and this is one area they fall short due to the AP4. Their strength 7 also means they cannot hurt armour value 14 on vehicles and AV13 requires a 6 just to glance. The problem I faced was once they destroyed the rhinos/razorbacks (which are becoming more uncommon) they were almost useless. Despite the number of shots they put out they were finding their shots either saved or failing to cause glancing hits. If you play against a lot of power armoured armies I suggest the next loud out.

5 Man Squad with 2 Autocannons, 2 Lascannons - 135pts

20 points for a Lascannon is pretty good value in my opinion but you need more than one. I always find with single shot weapons I usually miss and if I have two I usually hit with one or both of them. When you only have power armour and terminator armour to deal with those extra Str9 AP2 shots will come in handy. If I compare two squads of these to two all autocannon squads against a unit of terminators the mathhammer works out like so: 16 Autocannon shots are likely to cause 11 hits, 9 wounds of which 1 or 2 will be failed. 8 Autocannon shots and 4 lascannon shots will cause 6 hits from the autocannons and 3 from the lascannons. It's very likely you'd kill 2 terminators from the lascannons and another one from the autocannons. Not a huge jump but against armour 13 you're likely to at least glance with two lascannon shots whereas the full autocannon load roughly get 2 glances from all 16 shots if you're lucky.  Give one of these squads an aegis with a quad gun and you pretty much make up for the replaced autocannons with the extra firepower from the lascannons and skyfire. The reason why when taking two squads I choose to still mix these and not have 4 of each type in a squad is due to spreading out the damage of both guns. It would be very easy for your opponent to deploy his heavy armour away from the lascannon squad etc. so mixing them allows you spread out the lascannon and autocannon shots.

5 Man Squad with 4 Flakk Missiles - 175pts

A little bit of an expensive option and not one that I suggest. It's 100points for the 4 missile launchers with flakk but for the same points cost you could have an aegis with a quad gun. The 4 missile launcher squad without flakk still works pretty well in an all comers list. At just 135 points it's a pretty cheap and deadly option. This load out needs no explaining as we saw it everywhere in 5th edition.

5 Man Squad with 4 special weapons - 95pts - 135pts

What I like about Chaos Space Marine armies is the ability to take special weapons (Flamers, Meltaguns and Plasmaguns) instead of heavy weapons. To get this to work you really need Huron or Ahriman who grant D3 units infiltrate. Without that ability it would be very hard to get these guys in close and transports struggle to survive long enough these days. Plasmaguns seem to be the weapon of choice in 6th and although your odds of rolling 'gets hot' are higher with more shots it can be worth it if you face a lot of terminator heavy lists. In 5th I used to prefer Chosen squads to do this with their outflank ability but since they lost that Havocs are better with this style of load out due to their cheapness. You could also throw in a combi weapon for the champion for cheapness.

Other Upgrades and Uses

One weakness of Havocs is their lack of fearless which you could give them by attaching a character or an Icon of Vengeance to the unit. I see Havocs as a cheap disposable unit so don't recommend it. The best way for me to increase their survivability is to put them in cover or take an aegis defense line. The mark of Nurgle on a 5 man squad is only 15 points which is pretty good for the improved toughness and will make you even more survivable against small arms fire. You should be able to get a good couple of turns of shooting from a couple of squads at least and they could distract your opponents firepower from more valuable units. The Chaos Codex has plenty of other vehicle and heavy armour killing units so try to include them and don't just rely on Havocs.

I haven't mentioned Heavy Bolters. I don't feel they have a place at all. If you want lots of AP4 then go for Autocannons and if you want to kill hordes they missile launchers frag missile will do the job nicely. Both of which also have higher strength options for taking out vehicles.

So there's my thoughts on Chaos Havocs. Would be interesting to know what you guys think and how you arm yours.

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New game idea: Realm Of Heroes

Posted by Bitzbox

For a couple of years now myself and a couple of friends have been working on a new board game called Realm Of Heroes, dungeon setting (perhaps with some Mordenheim style street skirmishes to build experience/skill), with various quests (some to collect items, hunt monsters, rid caves of a horrid curse etc) and several 'Heroes'. A barbarian, priest, mage, dwarf, elf, assassin/thief and a lizardman (great idea Phil).

The evil characters would include skeletons, chaos warriors, zombies, orcs, wolves and i want to include a spider centaur and a minotaur for special quests.

As many things hobby related, it takes a lot of planning and hard work, but with our combined experience and know how, i think we will come up with something amazing that will keep people entertained for hours and keep them coming back for more.

Of course its safe to say, don't expect it to be ready tomorrow lol, perfection takes time 😉

There are still bugs to work out, still have to make a game board and room settings, but were getting there.


Backpack (able to hold a few extra items - barbarian, elf, lizardman, priest, assassin only)

Rope (varied uses - all Heroes)

Blessed armour (+1 defence dice - priest only)

Mithril Armour (elf only)

Throwing daggers/Boomerang (elf/assassin only)

Featherlight boots (assassin only)

Holy Hammer (priest only)

Helmets (varied depending on Hero)

Light up the darkness spell - reveals all evil models in room/corridor

Reveal trap spell - room or corridor

Blinding light - stops evil models from moving attacking for a turn or two (depending on level of Hero.

Those are just a small amount of spells/weapons/armour that were thinking of. The finished products will be well thought out and very useful.

Still have plenty of polystyrene tiles left over from a previous project, so may try a few dungeon floor plans.

Watch this space gamers


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Using Other Stuff Chaos List

Posted by Bitzbox

Before the new Chaos Codex released I had several other units that I was using in 5th Edition. I also bought a couple of Dark Vengeance sets. Then the codex released and I went for a Typhus zombie list. I have enough stuff left over with a couple of units from the Typhus list in order to make another list from the codex that I plan on trying out sometime.


Chaos Lord - 160pts
Terminator Armour, Axe of Blind Fury, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Khorne

Kharn The Betrayer - 160pts


20 Chaos Cultists - 100pts
2x Flamers

20 Chaos Cultists -117pts
Autoguns, 2x Heavy Stubber

8 Khorne Berserkers -253pts
7 Chainaxes, 2x Plasma Pistols, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol


Hellbrute - 100pts


Helldrake - 170pts

5 Raptors -150pts
2x Plasmagun, Power Axe, Combi Plasma


Chaos Land Raider - 230pts

5 Havocs -135pts
2x Autocannons, 2x Lascannons

Forgefiend -175pts

TOTAL 1750pts

I plan to run Kharn with the close combat Cultists and the Lord with the Berserkers in the land raider. I've been very impressed with the Heldrake lately, the baleflamer is a menace against Devastator squads. The havocs have 2 lascannons and 2 autocannons. This is a load out I'm moving to on the Typhus list. I have found that once the light armour is destroyed by the autocannons the squad is almost useless. The lascannons gives them a better chance against heavier armoured vehicles and power and terminator armoured infantry. The raptors are a cheap mobile unit with plenty of plasma fire power. I am looking forward to trying those out. I didn't really want to give chainaxes to the Berserkers but I had the exact amount of points spare so I thought why not?

Hopefully I will give this list a good run out in the near future.

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1750 Typhus Zombie List

Posted by Bitzbox

Happy Halloween everyone. What an apt day to post my planned 1750 list for the new Chaos Space Marines book as it contains a nice big horde of Plague Zombies. The new codex is by no means a mono build codex but I think already we're starting to see Typhus and Plague Zombies be common. As my 5th edition army had a big Nurgle core I thought I would keep them in and add some more units around them and this is the list I've come up with.

Typhus - 230pts

Chaos Lord - 190pts
Chaos Bike, Mark of Nurgle, The Black Mace
Combi-Melta, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation

30 Plague Zombies - 130pts

7 Plague Marines - 188pts
2 Plasma Guns

7 Plague Marines - 233pts
2 Meltaguns, Rhino

5 Chaos Spawn - 180pts
Mark of Nurgle

5 Chaos Bikers - 195pts
2 Meltaguns, Power Fist, Mark of Nurgle
Gift of Mutation

Heldrake - 170pts

5 Havocs - 115pts
4 Autocannons

5 Havocs - 115pts
4 Autocannons

TOTAL - 1746pts

I am thinking of switching out the meltaguns on the bikes for plasmaguns and removing the gift of mutation or maybe even the power fist from the champion. With less people using vehicles in 6th it may be better to use the plasmas instead, especially as the bikes have relentless. I'm hoping to get some games with this army over the next couple of weeks. I will need to proxy my havocs and one spawn for but everything else is ready to go and 90% of what I have is actually painted!

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