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First Chaos Space Marine Thoughts

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So when Dark Vengeance first came out my mate (who is a Dark Angels player) and I thought it would be a good idea to buy a set each and swap over the models for our armies. As the set had no points value included we waited until the new Chaos Space Marine codex arrived before we started gaming with our armies.

Now if you've worked out the points costs you'll ind that Chaos have a lot less in points terms than the Dark Angels which has given me the opportunity to other new units in my army. This is the list I've tried for our first couple of games.

Chaos Lord - Plasma, Pistol, Power Weapon, Gift of Mutation - 115

Chaos Lord - Plasma, Pistol, Power Weapon, Gift of Mutation - 115

20 Cultists - 2 Flamers - 100

20 Cultists - Autoguns, 2 Heavy Stubbers -118

10 Chosen - 2x Meltaguns, Lightning Claws, Power Fist, 4x Power Axe, Gift of Mutation - 325

Helbrute - Heavy Flamer -120

Helbrute - Reaper Autocannon -110

Heldrake - Baleflamer - 170

Forgefeind - Ectoplasma Cannon - 200

Havocs - 4 Missile Launchers, Combi Plasma - 145

TOTAL - 1498pts

So after a couple of games with these I'm starting to feel what is working and what isn't. Here's a quick run down of the units and what my first thoughts are of them.

Chaos Lords - I like Gift of Mutation however I will need to get used to remembering to check what upgrades each model have. Chaos Lords are not that different from before. I think in future I will give them Aura of Dark Glory or even Terminator armour as no inv. save hurts.

Cultists - For such a cheap unit these guys are pretty good. I run a lord with one unit so they have fearless and they have lasted to the end of each battle. The close combat ones are very good at holding up small squads of terminators for a couple of turns if your lord survives. They go down very quickly to bolter fire but I like to make good use of cover where possible. These certainly have done better than I have expected so far. Autogun cultists can do a job too if you're lucky enough to get them close enough.

Chosen - These guys are great if you can get them into combat. A ten man squad with just 2 meltas as I have hear are not that great in the shooting phase and a regular CSM squad can do the same job. They die just easy as a regular CSM troop so may be better to run in small squads just like in the last dex and make use of their special weapon options.

Helbrute - I have never been a massive fan of Dreadnoughts (apart from Pysflemen dreads in the GK book). I found my Helbrutes kept getting tired up in combat too easily and in one game one was even killed by Krak Grenades. If they had more firepower I would consider using them more. They now have to lose a hull point to use their frenzy rules too.

Heldrake - A lot of people are not huge fans but it all depends on what you are facing with these guys. If you're playing lots of power armour then these are great but they wont do much damage to vehicles or anything with a 2+ save. The bale flamer and vector strike are really nasty against Space Marines in power armour but not really worth it against anything else. I did enjoy vector striking devastators that were hiding at the back of the board.

Forgefeind - The more I play this guy the more I dislike him which is a shame as I love the model. I have been using two Hades Autocannons and an Ectoplasma Cannon. 3 Ecto plas might be better against terminators but they only fire 24". The hades autocannons are great for pooping light armour but at 200pts I can find cheaper units for killing vehicles. Speaking of which...

Havocs - These guys are really cheap points wise. I want to run an autocannon squad or two but for the last couple of battles I have been using 4 missile launchers. Nothing really to mention as we all know how effective the heavy weapons are. 115 points will get you a squad with 4 autocannons which is 60 less than a Forgefeind with 2 Hades Autocannons. I've been lucky that these have not taken much fire power in my first couple of games. Maybe a fearless icon is required as just losing two models could see them flee.

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