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Blanchitsu: My First Warband – Part 1

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Yes you are seeing this right. A blog post on our blog and it's not April Fool's day anymore. This is the start of a blog and video series all about Blanchitsu. What is Blanchitsu? Well it's essentially Inquisitorial warband creation for Warhammer 40,000. If you're familiar with the game Inquisitor then if you think of it in 28mm scale then you're on the right track. Miniatures are usually painted extra dark and grimy to get that John Blanche feel. Below is the first video in our series looking at Blanchitsu which will tell you more about it, where to find inspiration and also how to get started.

So now that you know a little more about Blanchitsu I want to show you guys my first warband. The first miniature in this warband is already painted. This miniature was originally built for a steampunk style Ad Mech army that I had planned a while back (I may reignite this project in the future).
He is built mainly from the Tech Priest Dominus kit but uses the head from the Shaking Sean miniature from a game called Smog.

Next up we have the two henchmen for the warband. This first miniature uses the head from a Skitarii Ruststalker, Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrid Arms, Empire Greatsword Legs, a Cadian Backpack and a Militarium Tempestus Scions Torso as well as a couple of extra little bits.

Blanchitsu Henchmen

This second henchman also uses Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrid Arms and Empire Greatsword Legs. He uses a slightly different cadian backpack and also has a head from the Genestealer Cult Upgrade Sprue, a metal cowboy hat and a torso from the old Empire Militia set.

Blanchitsu Henchmen

In part 2 we will look at some of the more weirder creations from this warband.


Imperial Guard Veteran

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This conversion of an Imperial Guard Veteran with a Flamer was sent into us by Brian Donohoe. I really like this conversion as it has a very commanding pose and makes good use of a variety of bits.

Here is a run down of how the miniature was converted:

It's the body from one of the Vostroyan snipers with the arm in a sling from the Cadian Command Squad the bandaged arm with las gun from the Forge World Cadian upgrade kit and a flamer and tanks from the Cadian Shock Troops box. He is one of four minis I converted together at the time using the two vostroyan snipers and some bits from the Cadian Shock Troops and Heavy Weapons boxs. In hind site this guy would have been better with the flamer on up the other way.


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Animosity – In the Hive of the Dead – Sponsored by Bitz Box

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Hey chaps and chapettes.

On the 27th and 28th of July Animosity hits the Hive of the Dead. The tickets are on sale here at Bitz Box in the specials section.

Our weekend of narrative campaigning is being played in Mansfield Woodhouse at Dreamlike Gaming, I hope some of you will join us there. Links to Campaign packs and media stuff are also available from the ticket info in the special section.

Bitz Box are once again sponsoring our Conversion competition, thanks dudes!

In an effort to get more prizes together for the event I have entered a competition on Facebook. If my Gears of Waaagh! Choppa wins the  competition I win a Wraithknight. If I win a Wraithknight it goes straight into the prize pot for the Hive of the Dead weekend.

You can help me out by following this link and liking my Ork Choppa picture.

Thanks dudes! And hopefully we'll see you around the gaming tables soon.



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An Hour Of Hobby

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Evening battle brothers, and obviously sisters lest we not forget, Waaaaaghh to all the Orks out there and 0100100001000101010011000100110001001111 to all the Necrons!


So... I only managed to spend an hour or so on the hobby at the weekend, and I thought I’d start work on the empire griffin as he’s a very large figure and I need to make sure I spend a large bulk of time on him making sure he’s as grand as I can make him.

I started on the base of the miniature, and was trying to work out something a little more exciting as its quite a static figure, I switched my laptop on and searched images of the empire griffin but to my surprise I couldn’t find many with a fancy base.

So I went to my hobby cave and went in search of something to use, I found cork, drift wood, green stuff and twigs. (You can purchase drift wood and twigs or just head to a park or beach and pick them up, remember to clean them and dry them out etc.)

Looking through one of my drift wood boxes I found a nice piece that looked a bit like pride rock from the lion king (don’t knock it I love it!)  and I took the saw to it, I also found some interesting shapes in some other twigs , applied some glue and layed it all together till I was happy.



I’m not unhappy with the result, still a lot of work to be done on the base but to be honest I love working on bases for large miniatures, next step is to soften the cork and to fill in some of the gaps and then raid my twigs and veins draw to see what else I can add, like I said I only spend an hour or so on both part, this part probably only took about 10minutes.


On to the griffin, so I want an amber wizard on the back of this little beasty as I think it will look great with the theme of the base, and I also love the look of the wizard , plus I already have plans for the other two figure you have the choice from in the box. I didn’t go for any real conversion work other than the plume on the griffin's head which is from the same kit, one set of feathers is for a helmet and the other I have no idea what its used for (who needs instructions)  but I liked the way it looked and it gave some more movement to the figure so I went with it, I didn’t like the angle the griffon was at so you'll notice a piece of cork under his back foot which I'll blend into the piece as a whole. I think the griffin looks very regal and not to over the top he’s only pinned so I can lift him on and off this is be extremely important at the painting stage! So this was about 50-60minutes most of which was testing different bits to see if I wanted to try and cut his wings and re-shape them but I’ll be honest I kind of loved the look it already had on the base so went with it.


Please leave comments and I hope you find an spare hour here and there to do some more to your hobby pieces, peace out (wow that was old school! I refuse to hang my head in shame though!)


Jim from jimmy’s workshop


First blog of the year

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so this is my first blog and i just wish to say hi and thanks for letting me have this chance, so thanks 🙂
right now on to the blog side of things, now like most people in the 40k universe i have started my own chapter of space marines (good and bad) so for my Loyal space marines i have decided to name them "Swords of the Aquilla" they are based around the Ultramarines colours, with some small changes or should i say colour changes, so this is just some back ground history ive been working on :

Chapter Name :- Swords Of The Aquilla
Origins :- Ultramarines
Founding :- 11th or later (not sure yet)
Home Planet :- Aquillian Prime (Moon Base on Texorius 4)

Aquillian Prime was a primitive world that was invaded by orcs, an imperial guard army was sent in called Twin Peaks Guard and asked for help as they couldn't contain the invasion that's when the Swords of the Aquilla were called upon to contain the situation.
Aquillian Prime has two moons - Secondus and Texorius 4 - The swords now use Texorius 4 as their main HQ and watch over the system of Aquillian Prime which include a Death world named quixoni and a barren planet named lukjim.
Since the swords have had watch over Aquillian Prime it has now become an Peaceful and prosperous world not far from the likes of the Ultramarines planets themselves.

Chapter Master :- Phelix Kanto (pedro kantor model)
Wargear:- Artificer Armour, Storm Bolter, Power Fist, Frag & Krak Grenades, Iron halo

Chaplain :- Rah Kofu
Wargear:- Power Armour, Plasma Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Rosarius, Crozius Arcanum

Librarian :- Ismael Ramesses
Wargear:- Power Armour, Plasma Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Force Weapon, Psychic Hood, Epistolary

Captain of the 2nd company :- Pheonix Thor
Wargear:- Artificer Armour, Storm Bolter, Lightning Claw, Frag & Krak Grenades, Iron Halo

so yer this is what i have for now and will continue to work on this through out the year also in my next blog i shall have pictures for all to see so fair thee well battle brothers and battle sisters until next time

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Animosity – In the Veiled Region (March 30th and 31st)

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Hello there. Animosity - In the Veiled Region came and went this weekend. Our original Ullanor Crusade campaign weekend had to be rescheduled and will now be played in November.

Bitz Box sponsored this, our second event, once again. I'm pleased to say that the winning entry was as dynamic as the previous winner... it should have been, as it was the same dude who made the minis.

Wu-Shu Exarch is probably the best Dire Avenger I've ever seen!


Well done to Michael Blackshaw for winning the Bitz Box Conversion competition (again). he also won the Nuke Art Painting COmpetition for this very nice Contemptor dread!


You can check out more images from the weekend on our facebook page

You can also join us for our next Animosity event in July by checking out our dakka dakka thread

Thanks to Bitz Box for their help once again, it is really appreciated!

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Animosity – The Ullanor Crusade!

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Animosity - In the Age ofthe Emperor, The Ullanor Crusade, takes place on the 30th and 31st of March! (Mansfield)

This narrative campaign weekend will replay one of the most epic encounters in the history of the dark millennium, pitting the might of Waaagh! Urruk against the immortal Emperor and his Primarch sons.

Using a vast variety of codex, expansions and forgeworld books we are hoping to see a variety of pre-heresy era legions and their allies take on a massive Ork Waaagh! led by the Primork himself, Overlord urrlak Urruk!

To take part in this narrative campaign weekend you need to get your tickets as soon as possible. To do that you can check further details for the event by,

emailing me at,

joining our facebook page,

checking our dakkadakka thread,

or getting your  tickets direct from here, (remember to select Animosity Ork or Animosity Imperial depending upon your faction!

THIS IS A PRE-HERESY EVENT! Our regular 40k events resume in July when we head for the Maunsfeld Hegemony!

Any questions? Feel free to check any of the above for information...

Don't forget our conversion competition, sponsored by Bitz Box!

Thanks dudes!

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