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Chaos Knight of Khorne Conversion

I have finally finished my Chaos Knight of Khorne. I wanted to do this conversion as soon as I heard the Knights were being released and although I'm disappointed that Chaos cannot field them currently, this was always going to be a model that was just for show.

I'm not a huge fan of copying other people's conversion ideas directly but after seeing a couple of people put warshrines on the back of their chaos knights I thought it was too good of an idea to not replicate. It certainly adds significant height to my Chaos Knight of Khorne. Other parts I used for this conversion included the head and axe arm from the Khorne Lord of Skulls. I used a couple of armour plates from the plastic defiler kit as well as some chaos icons here and there. The Khorne icons on his shin plates were made from green stuff.







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  • Jared van Kell

    That is an awesome conversion worthy of no small amount of kudos. I am getting a daemon army soon and would love to do this conversion as a Khorne Lord of Skulls with a Hades Gatling Gun instead of a Thermal Cannon and a missile rack on the top similar to a chaos reaver titan.