Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 2

bloodletterIn this second part of my Codex Chaos Daemons review I look at the Troops and Elites choices from the book.


Every troops choice now has been significantly lowered in points costs and stats making people suggest Daemons are now a horde army. Personally I see them somewhere between a horde army and where they were before. I wouldn’t take any of the troop options in squads of less than 20 models due to their lack of shooting attacks make them very vulnerable. They all suffer a drop in leadership to 7 which can hurt with instability tests. They can however take champions now who gain a bonus attack and access to the rewards.

Bloodletters are now 10 points but are now only T 3 and have 1 attack. They do gain a regular 6+ save for the rare occasions they cannot use their inv. save. They took a big hit when 6th was released due to their powerswords being AP3 but I still see them as being a decent combat unit if you can get them there. Only models with a 2+ or high initiative will give them much trouble despite them being less survivable.

Daemonettes, like all Slaanesh units now have fleet and all their attacks rend. They are now only 9 points a model but lose an attack and initiative point but are WS5. Personally I would prefer Bloodletters for my combat role over these. Pink Horrors have the Brotherhood of Sorcerers special rule and can take powers from the Change discipline which have some pretty decent shooting attacks. They gain additional warp charge points when used in larger squads. They also have the blue horrors special rule which causes a weak attack on the enemy whenever a pink horror is killed in combat.

Plaguebearers took the biggest hit in the troops section. They lose their T5 and Feel No Pain and are now only T4. You can give them back FNP with a Herald of Nurgle if you wish however. As they are also Nurgle Daemons they are slow and purposeful but do gain shrouded. They are not terrible by any means but are no longer the automatic go to troops choice in the book.


Moving onto the elites now and I’ll start with the bloodcrushers. These were great in 5th but now I’m not so sure. They are now T4 and as daemons no longer have Eternal warrior they will drop quickly to missile launchers despite now having 3 wounds. For the points I would rather just have a large unit of Bloodletters. Flamers as expected got nerfed but lets face it, along with Screamers they were way over the top. I now think they are worth exactly what you pay for them. They count as jump infantry with 2 wounds and still put out template hits but they are only str 4 ap4 which will still cause nightmares for horde armies. In addition to that they have the warpflame special rule which causes an additional D3 wounds with no armour or cover saves if the enemy unit fails a toughness test. If they pass however they receive FNP6+. or +1 to their existing FNP. Beasts of Nurgle don’t seem too bad. I wouldn’t use them personally but they are beasts (obviously) and can charge in the opponents assault phase providing that enemy unit made a successful charge that turn which is nice. They also have It Will Not Die and Poison 4+. They are still a lot of points each for what are essentially tar pit units in my opinion.

Lastly we have the Fiends of Slaanesh who have gained a wound and initiative but lost 1 to their strength and 2 of their attacks. They also no longer have hit and run but cause a -5 to the initiative of any unit they charge until the end of that phase. I would prefer these over beasts of nurgle as they are quick and a lot cheaper. You’re almost always going to go first in combat with these so they could be a good unit to weaken enemy lines just in time for your other nasties to come in.

In part 3 I will look at Fast Attack and Heavy Support. If you have any comments please leave them below.

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  1. Although I’ve had the fortune to never play against demons I’ve always got the impression that they were very much a steamroller army that only the likes of Space Marines/ Chaos Space Marines, Nids and Necrons could give them a run for their money and even then it was a long shot, I also got the impression that the rank and file could give the Elite units of other armies a headache in short order.

    What I think is going to happen in the 6th edition is that we’ll see that ‘spectacular, spectacular’ troops are going to be either cut down a little or be subject to hindrances e.g. Its now very hard for Dark Angel’s players to tactically retreat, Blood Angels and Space Marine Players have to use their Stormravens with a little more finesse than before and that overall the game will be more balanced and rely more on the dice rolls and the tactics employed by the players.

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