Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 3

In this part of my Codex Chaos Daemons review I look at the Fast Attack and Heavy support choices from the book.

Fast Attack

I’m going to start with the flesh hounds of Khorne. These guys are now an extra point each but gain an extra wound, WS and scout! A lot of ole may look straight t plague drones or seekers when looking through the fast attack but these little guys could well surprise a few people. A bargain fo 16pts each in my opinion. Could be used as a great tarpit unit or to weaken enemy lines before your slower units can enter the fray. Screamers as expected took a nerf. The now only get one attack if they choose to use lamprey’s bite. This is still good to have against units with 2+ saves but against anything else you’ll find their 4 attacks each on the charge will output just as much or even more damage. Still a good combat unit in my opinion.

One  of the new units in this book are the plague drones of nurgle. Whether you’re a fan of the models or not they are a pretty decent unit. You get all the benefits of the mark of nurgle as well as T5 and 3 wounds each. They are a bit pricey at 42pts each and they can be further upgraded to have poison 3+ attacks and can also be given an upgrade to make one of their attacks cause instant death. Another upgrade is a shooting attack called deaths heads which isn’t very strong but with so few shooting units in this book it’s always nice to have some firepower when available. Furies are still terrible but they are just 6 points each now. They only have leadership 2 so if they are forced to take a daemonic instability test they are gone. Might be worth it if you have spare points and want more bodies but not a unit I would take personally.

Slaanesh are represented in the fast attack slots by Seekers and Hellflayers. Seekers seem to be a popular choice in this codex. They are very fast and all their attacks rend. They are now only 12 points each and gain a WS but lose an initiative point and attack. They also have outflank as well as deep strike so you have various options when it comes to how to enter play with these. I’m not overly convinced at the surviabilty of these. At T3 and W1 they will die very quickly but for 12 points you can afford to take large units and they will pack a punch. The hellflayer is a chariot. I will admit I have very little experience with chariots as they are not the type of units that appeal to me. They can cause some damage with their hammer of wrath attacks but getting to combat itself will always be the issue. They are only 11-11-10 and 2HP so will attract firepower and go down quickly. Plus in the heavy support choices you have a better option for these.

P1140567Heavy Support

The soul grinder is your go to guy for anti air firepower as his harvester cannon can fire flakk shells. He has to take a mark but can be given mark of khorne for free. He can take other shooty upgrades including Baleful Torrent (template, Str6, AP4) Phlegm Bombardment (36″ Str8 AP3 ordnance 1 large blast), my favourite and warp gaze (24″ Str10 AP1). Remember this guy is BS3 so I don’t think warp gaze is worth taking when you’re going to miss half the time. The soul grinder also has 4HP and 13-13-11 armour and he ignores shaken and stunned results on a 2+ so if he has survivability which I like. The ugliest thing I’ve ever seen is the skull cannon of khorne. It is a terrible looking model but not so bad on the battlefield. The cannon puts out a 36″ Str8 AP5 large blast that ignores cover which will be good against hordes. In addition to that any unit hit by it that’s in cover can be charged in that daemons assault phase without any initiative penalty. Whilst I’m talking about this model I’ll give a quick mention to the Blood Throne which is a dedicated chariot which uses the ugly sprue from this model. Both units have a special rule called Gorefeast which gives them the chance to regenerate a hull point after a successful hammer of wrath attack. The main benefit for the blood throne in my opinion is the ability to give all khorne daemon units units within 6″ the heralds loci abilities.

Onto the Burning chariot of Tzeentch, another new unit for this book. It has some nice shooting attacks in the blue and pink fire of Tzeentch attacks. The blue gives you an 18″ Heavy D3 lascannon and pink fire is a Str5 AP3 flamer. Both have the warpflame ability as mentioned in the last part of this review. You can also give this unit rewards. At the time of writing this people are screaming for this unit to be FAQ’d. It’s shooting attacks are heavy and technically they belong to the rider so as rules written this thing cannot move and shoot! Chariots themselves are relentless so I do expect the FAQ to allow them to fire on the move. If that isn’t the case then don’t bother with this unit.

Lastly are the seeker chariots. These are better than those in the fast attack as you can take them in squadrons of upto 3 they are only 40 points each. You can also have Exalter seeker chariots in this squad at 75 points and they have 4 HPs. You may also give them all rewards which could make them quite a nasty unit. Nothing else that wasn’t mentioned in the fast attack equivalent is needed. If you do wish to run chariots in your army then I would have these over the fast attack ones every day.

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