Codex Chaos Daemons Review Part 4

In this final part of my Codex Chaos Daemons review I’m going to be looking at some of the army wide rules such as warlord traits, the warp storm table and also look at the rewards and psychic powers. This final section is basically just me going through what things do rather than giving my opinion on them.

Chaos-Daemon-Tyranid-Warhammer-40000-40kA big change in this book is the change in deployment. The army no longer arrives in two waves which you roll for, instead they deploy just like any other army and can only leave up to 50% of the army in reserve. Every unit still has the deep strike special rule. It’s also worth noting that units no longer given marks like they are in the Codex Chaos Space Marines book. They are instead just called Daemons of their god, such as Daemons of Khorne etc. It’s important to know this for rules such as the tally of pestilence rule which now only affects units who are Daemon’s of Nurgle and not units with the mark of Nurgle so no more increasing your tally with CSM allies. Each god grants their daemons different rules. As well as obviously granting them the daemon rule, Khorne gives them furious charge, Tzeentch gives them +3 leadership for Psychic tests, Nurgle grants shrouded and slow and purposeful and Slaanesh gives daemons Fleet and Rending. They also all gain hatred to an opposing god. Nurgle daemons gain hatred against Tzeentch daemons and vise versa and Khorne daemons have hatred against Slaanesh daemons and vise versa.

Another army wide rule is the daemonic instability. You roll a leadership test when you lose a combat and like the old fearless rule you lose wounds or models equal to the number you failed the test by with no armour saves at all! There are slight changes however as on a double 1 result you restore every lost wound and casualty lost in the preceding combat. On the flip side a double 6 result wipes out your entire unit! The warlord traits are not too bad. You can give the warlord’s melee attacks Instant Death, give him and his unit Hatred. There’s also one that causes enemy units to take fear tests with a -1 leadership and one that lets all deep striking units within 6″ of the warlord deep strike without scattering. The best two in my opinion is one that lets all units within 12″ re roll failed Daemon Instability and one that lets you re roll on the warp storm table.

Moving on now to the much talked about warp storm table. If Daemons are your primary attachment then every shooting phase you need to roll on this chart with 2D6. The results can seem quite devastating on paper but a lot of unlucky rolling is required to damage your army significantly and some lucky rolling can be really good for you. A roll of double 1 forces every daemon unit to take a daemonic instability test and a roll of 3 causes a single character to take the Daemon Instability test with 3D6.  A roll of 4 lowers all your invulnerable saves by 1 but a roll of 10 increased them by 1. Results of 5,6,8 and 9 are all attacks from chaos gods a6 hits gainst units from the god they have hatred towards. You have to roll for each unit affected and only on a roll of 6 are they then attacked and this attack is either a blast that scatters or D6 attacks so you do need to be really unlucky to cause serious damage. The most common roll on a 2D6 is a 7 which does absolutely nothing. 11 is an awesome result, it causes an enemy psyker to take a leadership test on 3D6 and if they fail they are removed as a casualty! A roll of 12 lets you summon a 2D6+3 new models forming a  troop unit of your choice which you must immediately deep strike.

I love the daemonic rewards. You have three types of rewards, lesser, greater and exalted. You roll for which reward each model who takes these have and you can also swap them out for a primaris reward if you don’t like your result. The lesser and greater primaris rewards are magic weapons and the exalted ones are hellforged artifacts. I’m not going to go into all the weapon and artifacts rules in this series so you’ll need to buy the book to see what they do but for the points you pay for these rewards the magic weapons are worth the points. The lesser rewards are not too bad. For 10 points you can get some nice shooting attacks such as a str5, ap5 armourbane flamer or a str8 ap4 assault 1 soul blaze 18″ shot. There’s also a reward that causes D3 str4 ap5 attacks against a unit that causes you to lose a wound in combat, a reward that makes your close combat hits of 6 wound at double strength (upto 10). A roll of 4 gives you adamantium will and a 6 gives you +1 to your reserve rolls.

The greater rewards are my favourite and I want to give 2 of them to my bloodthirster for sure. Why? Well There’s a chance he could get Feel No Pain 4+ or 1+ wound and it will not die or re rolls for all his failed invulnerable saves! There’s also a str8, ap 1 18″ lance shot and another reward that grants you armourbane and fleshbane in combat. A roll of 6 grants you with a 3+ armour save so there’s really no bad result here. On a roll of 1 for the exalted rewards you get to re roll on the table and also roll on the lesser rewards table. A 2 grants you ability that at the end of your assault you count up the total number of wounds caused and roll 2D6. You add 1 to the result for every 3 wounds caused and if the result is greater than a 9 you can summon a new squad of daemons as described on the warp storm table. A result of 3 lets you regenerate a wound on a 2+ after an assault if you’ve caused unsaved wounds yourself. A 4 gives you rage and rampage, 5 lets you come back from ongoing reserves with 1 wound after you’ve been slain and a 6 Gives you a strength 2D6 Ap4 24″ blast shot which is a large blast if you roll a 11 or 12 for the strength value.

Lastly I’m going to look at the Psychic powers. I think there’s some really good powers in this book. I’ll go through them god by god starting with Tzeentch. The primaris power here gives you a range 24″ Str5 AP4 Assault 2D6 shot with warpflame and soulblaze. Using more warp charge points can make this 3D6 or 4D6 shots. 1-2 gives you the witchfire power power Tzeentch’s firestorm which again is 24″ but StrD6+1 AP- Assault 1 blast with warp flame. 3-4 is The bolt of change which is a 24″ beam with D6+4 Strength and AP2 assault 1 warpflame which is pretty nice as is the 5-6 roll which is an 18″ witchfire shot with D6+4 strength again but AP1 assault 1 blast with warpflame.

Nurgle powers give you an AP3 template weapon with poison 4+ as the primaris power. 1-2 gives you a range 12″ AP2 large blast which again is poison 4+ but doesn’t affect vehicles. The 3-4 result is called the miasma of pestilence which is a blessing power. At the start of each sub fight phase you roll a D3. All enemy units locked in combat with the target suffer that result to their weapon skill and initiative. 4-6 gives you rancid visitations. This is a 12″ nova power that causes the target to take a toughness test or they suffer a wound with no armour or cover saves. If they do lose a wound then roll again for another model in the unit and repeat until the test is passed or the unit is destroyed. Lastly there’s Slaanesh, their primaris power is lash of slaanesh which is a strength 6 beam power with 24″ range and no AP but it is rending. 1-2 is a power called Acquiescence which targets a unit within 18″ and causes -5 to their initiative and they can also not overwatch or counter attack whilst the power is in effect. Nasty. 3-4 is the Pavane of Slaanesh, a focused witchfire power that works the same as Nurgle’s rancid visitations but the unit must a leadership test instead or a toughness test. The 5-6 result is called the cacophonic chior. This is a 12″ nova power that causes the target unit to roll 2D6 and subtract their leadership value. The result is how many wounds they lose with no armour saves allowed. They then must also take a pinning test.

So that’s my mini series regarding the chaos daemons. I hope you enjoyed the series, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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