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Convertered Chaos Obliterator

I've been going through the nurgle contingent of my Chaos Space Marine army and I've decided to start expanding on it to get to 2000 points.  I'm starting this expansion with some Obliterators. I wanted to something different from the regular chaos obliterators to make them look more Nurgle. I had a spare Chaos Spawn left over from my squad which I decided to use as a base. A few terminator parts, a havoc missile launcher, chaos heavy bolter, plasma gun and a lot of green stuff later I came up with this.

2013-07-30 16.15.09

I painted him up to match the rest of my Nurgle themed models.

chaos_spawn_obliterator_1 chaos_spawn_obliterator_2 chaos_spawn_obliterator_3

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  • Manus

    That is actually a very powerful conversion – great concept