FAQ: Can You Email Me When X Is Back In Stock?

I get quite a lot of stock questions and on several occasions people ask me if I can send them an email when the bits they are after are back in stock. Well personally I cannot do this myself. I’m only human, I cannot remember who wants what and I’m not going to look through hundreds of emails to find who wanted what every time I restock something.

However the Bitzbox website is far smarter than me and it can do just that! If you have an account on our website then all you need to do is log in to your account and then find the bits you want to be notified about.Underneath the main image of every single item on our website is a link that says ‘Email me when {item name} is back in stock’. When you click this link the items will be added to our notification database and as soon as it’s restocked you will receive an email telling you it’s back in stock. You can do this for as many products as you wish!

Please note that if you do this for an item that is already in stock you wont receive an email when more stock is added to this item’s quantity. An automatic email will just be sent to you when anything else has been restocked.

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