First blog of the year

so this is my first blog and i just wish to say hi and thanks for letting me have this chance, so thanks 🙂
right now on to the blog side of things, now like most people in the 40k universe i have started my own chapter of space marines (good and bad) so for my Loyal space marines i have decided to name them “Swords of the Aquilla” they are based around the Ultramarines colours, with some small changes or should i say colour changes, so this is just some back ground history ive been working on :

Chapter Name :- Swords Of The Aquilla
Origins :- Ultramarines
Founding :- 11th or later (not sure yet)
Home Planet :- Aquillian Prime (Moon Base on Texorius 4)

Aquillian Prime was a primitive world that was invaded by orcs, an imperial guard army was sent in called Twin Peaks Guard and asked for help as they couldn’t contain the invasion that’s when the Swords of the Aquilla were called upon to contain the situation.
Aquillian Prime has two moons – Secondus and Texorius 4 – The swords now use Texorius 4 as their main HQ and watch over the system of Aquillian Prime which include a Death world named quixoni and a barren planet named lukjim.
Since the swords have had watch over Aquillian Prime it has now become an Peaceful and prosperous world not far from the likes of the Ultramarines planets themselves.

Chapter Master :- Phelix Kanto (pedro kantor model)
Wargear:- Artificer Armour, Storm Bolter, Power Fist, Frag & Krak Grenades, Iron halo

Chaplain :- Rah Kofu
Wargear:- Power Armour, Plasma Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Rosarius, Crozius Arcanum

Librarian :- Ismael Ramesses
Wargear:- Power Armour, Plasma Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Force Weapon, Psychic Hood, Epistolary

Captain of the 2nd company :- Pheonix Thor
Wargear:- Artificer Armour, Storm Bolter, Lightning Claw, Frag & Krak Grenades, Iron Halo

so yer this is what i have for now and will continue to work on this through out the year also in my next blog i shall have pictures for all to see so fair thee well battle brothers and battle sisters until next time

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