GW Lose ‘Spots the Space Marine’ Row

You may have read over the last few days the whole issue regarding an ebook on Amazon being removed due to Games Workshop having trademarked the term ‘Space Marine’. The author, M.C.A. Hogarth was left very angry when her ebook, Spots the Space Marine was removed by Amazon upon request by Games Workshop. The news even made it to the BBC News website amongst others. After making the issue public, Hogarth eventually got help from the EFF as this article explains and Spots the Space Marine is now back on Amazon.

I wont give too much opinion on the matter. I usually back GW in these situations. I don’t want to see people ripping of their miniatures or any other aspects of their business but in this case Hogarth meant no harm at all to GW and I think this one might have gone too far. That said GW have every right to defend their trademarks. Despite being upset by the whole thing, M.C.A. Hogarth comes out of this a winner as she has gained publicity she would not have had before. I don’t think that was her intention mind. Games Workshop may be left looking a bit bad from the whole thing but most people by now know how seriously GW defend their IP and trademarks. This wont be the last time something like this happens I’m sure.

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  1. ‘Lose’ is a bit strong, ‘didn’t win’ is perhaps better. They still have the right to challenge trademark violations, even if their target this time was horribly ill advised.

  2. Normally I would agree that GW have every right to protect their IP and trademarks. However, in this case, I think the advice GW was given was badly flawed and has left GW looking like a bully in the playground. I’m of the opinion that this is the latest of several poor decisions by GW: perhaps time to clean house.

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