How to Quickly and Easily Paint Plague Marines

I’ve been playing Nurgle themed Chaos Space Marines since 3rd edition. I started collecting my current army in 5th edition and it was built around a core of plague marines and nurgle bikes. My new list since the 6th edition codex dropped still uses this core as well as some more nurgle related units, such as plague zombies. I wanted one of my havoc squads to match the Nurgle theme so I thought I would write a tutorial showing how I painted them. I use the same method for all my other Nurgle units such as Plague Marines and Nurgle bikes.

We start off with a white undercoat. I’m not a fan of white undercoats but for this colour scheme to work a white undercoat is needed. This is because of the next two steps. Firstly wash the model with Sepia. I use VGC Sepia but GW’s Seraphim Sepia will do the trick. Once this is dry I apply another wash. This time VGC Black Green. I keep the sepia wash showing on parts of the weapons. I then paint the parts I want to be metal with Abaddon Black and then once that’s dry I paint those parts with boltgun metal before using a Nuln oil wash. Some metal parts are also painted with a tin bitz drybrush to add variation. I paint all the piping with Bleached Bone. This is because I want it to look like maggots and it fits in well with the scheme. Finally other little details are painted and the models are based.

So there you have it. A very simple and quick colour scheme that looks good on the tabletop.

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