Stay Updated With Bitzbox Restocks

Here at Bitzbox we know how frustrating it is to miss out on those bits you want. Some items sell out super fast, however we have several things in place to make it easier for you to stay updated.

Automatic Stock Emails

If you have a Bitzbox account then you can navigate to any product page and find a link that automatically adds that product to your email list. The second that product is restocked you will get an email. You can have as many products in your email list as you like!

Text Updates

If you’re like me and you don’t check your personal email account as often as you should then maybe text updates are your thing. Instead of texting you when a certain piece is back in stock, this free service will text you a list of all the sets we restocked that day. We tend to send 1-2 of these lists per week. Sign up for text updates here.

NOTE: We’re currently not sending any text updates to save on costs. Please use Twitter and Discord as described below.

Twitter and Discord Updates

We also write a list of our restocks on our Twitter page and on our discord channel. This list is the same as the text list and it posted at the same time the texts are sent out.

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