Wasteland/Post Apoc Spaces Marines – First Conversion

In the first post of this series for my Post Apocalyptic/Wasteland Space Marines, I talk about the miniature which started it all. Originally this was going to be a little kill team force but my love of the theme and the conversion opportunites it brings has made me turn this into a full force which continues to grow to this day.

This reiver sergeant was born from the idea that I wanted a marine using a street sign carved into a double headed axe. I also wanted a skull helmet complete with mohawk. The reiver head combined with hair from the Necromunda Escher gang worked perfectly for this. The axe head itself was made from a couple of forgeworld axes filed down.

He also has a few extra little details such as armour plates and bullets, plus a sledgehammer on his back (purely for decoration)

The paint scheme is similar to the one I was using for my pre heresy Imperial Fists but I added little extra chips and spots of mud on them. If you would like to know exactly how I painted them I created a video tutorial for the scheme..

Soon after I created 4 more marines to join and my first little squad for the army was complete. In the future I will be posting more conversion articles for this army so be sure to keep checking back for that.

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