The Anvil of Apotheosis Conversion Contest

It’s time for another conversion competition! This one is for Age of Sigmar (or any fantasy setting really). The Anvil of Apotheosis is a section in the Generals Handbook which has rules for making your own custom unique hero. For this competition we want to see your custom hero! It doesn’t matter if they are painted or not and neither do you have to strictly follow the rules in the Generals Handbook if you so wish. Let your imagination run wild. You may submit an existing converted hero from your collection or make an entirely new one, it’s up to you!

The first prize will be a start collecting box of the same faction as your hero and there will also be some smaller prizes up for grabs too. To enter you can either post to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #bitzboxcomp or you can email them to us to – The closing date for entries is October 11th 2020.

Converted Cities of Sigmar Human Hero

Below is a summary of what is required:

  • A single hero miniature
  • Can be on foot or mounted on a steed or monster
  • Can be any race or faction from Age of Sigmar
  • Can be unpainted or unpainted
  • Use #bitzboxcomp on Twitter or Instagram or email to enter
  • Closing date is October 11th 2020

Good luck everyone!

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