Nurgle Iron Golems Warcry Warband Conversions

Painted Nurgle Iron Golems

I’m a big fan of Warcry and it was first released I knew I had to convert the Iron Golems into a Nurgle themed Warband. I mainly used parts from the Iron Golems and the Gellerpox Infected from the Kill Team Rogue Trader box as well as a few pieces from the Putrid Blightkings.

When it came to painting this Warband I wanted to go for a Blanchitsu/AOS28 look for them with lots of drab greens and browns as well as rusty metalics. I also added pink in as an additional colour to contrast with the scheme. Overall I’m really happy with how this warband turned out and despite being quite different to the original miniatures it is still pretty clear which characters from the Iron Golems each one represents.

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