Anvil of Apotheosis Entries & Winners!

We’ve had so many entries to our latest conversion competition and we would like to thank everyone who entered. This post will include every entry to the competition and down below we’ll reveal those who won prizes too!

Entries Via Email and Twitter

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Picking a top 3 from all of these amazing entries was really difficult and most of these could have easily won. Below are the 3 we decided to finally choose with a paragraph from each creator talking about their conversions. The winner will receive a start collection box of their choice whilst the runner ups will receive some bits and other goodies.


Slaves to Darkness Chaos Lord by Aft6776

For the creation of my Slaaneshi chaos warrior, I wanted him to look agile and to have weapons that contrasted the brutal armour. The cypher lords in my opinion have the most beautiful looking blades so I had to use them. The body and the head came from the snap fit Chaos Warriors sprue.

Age of Sigmar Chaos Hero


Slaves to Darkness Sorceror Lord by James Ashbey

This model is built around the dreadlord on Black Dragon, with the neck flipped down and the head swapped for a Karkadraks, with armour plating from the gorebeast chariot. For the sorcerer I used the Corpse Cart driver but kept the dreadlord legs. The base features hacked up pieces of a Realscourge Rapture and an attendant from the 40k Dark Apostle.

…and the winner is

Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith by Thirteen Miniatures

The inspiration for the Daemonsmith on a Sundered Anvil came from the Dwarf Anvil of Doom on wheels from the 90s (one of my first and favourite miniatures). It made sense that Chaos Dwarves wouldn’t need wheels and honourable guards when they can get hobgoblins to do all the work.

Some Skaven bodies with some spare heads from Squig Hoppers and a bit of greenstuff made for my take on the haunced, man-sized hobgoblins, whilst the anvil itself is primarily green stuff. The beautiful forgeworld Daemonsmith, slightly reposed to stand commandingly on top.

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