3D Printed Resin FAQ

What is the quality of your prints?

All of our prints are printed on either 4k resolution 3D printers or 8k. We typically print on an Elegoo Saturn 2 or Mars 3 printer.

My Order Is Taking Longer Than Usual

All of our 3D printed items are printed on demand therefore your order may be delayed by a day or two, depending on the size and how many orders we have outstanding. Please allow time for this even if you already received a dispatch email as these are sent automatically when invoices are printed and not when they are shipped (with normal orders this is the same day anyway).

What Do Your Sizes Mean?

So typically our sizes are as follows: Prime Sized are Primaris and Stormcast size, Prime hero are Primaris Characters and Bladeguard size. Infantry size is regular guardsmen, Freeguild, average Necromunda size. Some products will have additional photos showing them on a miniature.

Can You Print Items At A Different Size?

We can certainly do this for you. If you know how much of a size difference you need as a percentage we can change the size for you. Feel free to email us with your request.

Can You Print My STLs For Me?

This is something we are happy to do on occasion although there are costs for this service of course. Right now we are only offering this service to members of our Discord so join today!

Why Are My Prints Shiny?

In some rare cases you may find that your print is a little bit shiny. We like to give prints as much time to dry after being washed as possible but if they are not 100% dry when they are cured they can appear shiny. A warm soapy wash usually does the trick to help primer stick better to the piece.

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