Introducing The Primarch Project & Fulgrim

For a while now I’ve been collecting models from alternative sources to represent the Space Marine Primarchs. I know have 14 of the 18 Primarchs as well as a model of The Emperor. Over a series of blog and forum posts I will be showing off the collection and hopefully start painting them up to the best standard I can do. I currently only have one that is painted. These are such great models that painting them is such a daunting task for myself. I’m not the best painter in the world although I do believe I can achieve a decent table top standard. Well how about I let you judge for yourself? The first model on show from this collection is The Emperor’s Children Primarch Fulgrim.

This model was painted by myself about a year ago now. It’s quite an early attempt at NMM gold. The camera also fails to pick out the contrast as well as it should which makes the gold areas look more browner than they should be. Overall though I am happy with this model. As I said I’m not a great painter but with all of these Primarch models I will paint them to the best of my ability.

If you like him please head over to coolimiornot and help boost up his rating. I think it’s quite harsh at the moment!

Next up…. Corax of the Raven Guard.

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