Introducing Zealot Miniatures

Recently I was offered the chance to sell a trial run of items from a relatively new UK miniatures company called Zealot Miniatures. I decided to take up this opportunity because I like seeing new companies and helping them out if I can. Today I received the trial batch of products and I have added them for sale on the website.

You may think that some of the prices for these items are a bit high. I did too at first however now that I have them in person you certainly get what you pay for. The quality of these parts is fantastic. They are all resin and there’s barely any flash on these at all. The resin is solid and strong unlike some of the more brittle resin you may find from other companies. The detail on the models are good. Not high end like you would find from GW or FW but good enough that they certainly wont look out of place mixed and matched with their bits.

The jump packs as you would expect will easily fit a Space Marine and  the mech minigun arms look like they would easily fit onto a dreadnought too. If you’re looking for something different for your miniatures then certainly check them out.


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