Local Space Marine Painting Competition

Last week I attended and participated in a local Space Marine Painting competition at my FLGS Boundless Realms. The competition had a good turnout with painters from varied ages and skill levels. What made this competition fun and balanced was that the best painter or best painted model doesn’t guarantee victory. Each participant had to paint the Space Marine for a custom chapter and they also had to come up with a chapter symbol, name and some fluff for their chapter. Points were awarded for the best of these as well as for uniqueness of colour scheme.


There were a small number of less serious entries including my own ‘Barbie’ marine. I wanted to paint a Space Marine pink as it’s a colour I’ve not worked with a lot so I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice it. The Barbie theme came about after coming up with a silly battle cry of ‘Come on Astartes, let’s go party’ which I felt was too funny to not use. I’m afraid my mind works in weird ways. Other comical entries included the Mr Blobby marine and the McDonalds Marine.1398265_712676132157020_2771387146024532820_o 10680000_712675878823712_4757119595710394305_o 10380540_712676142157019_3137530087677749977_o 10636921_712676135490353_583992641546865124_o 10679485_712675988823701_3146664498190843358_o

Below are the top three places from left to right, below them are the chapter names with their fluff. Congratulations to them!


1st.  Scarred Hands; These Space Marines are mostly made up of Apothecaries and like nothing more than to replace any body part in a heartbeat and wear the scars with pride. Also the chapter master may of at one point used the arm of a fallen chaos lord as a replacement arm for himself (HERESY!!!!).

2nd.  Lords of Atom; What do you get if you give Space Marines Nuclear Fusion? Neon blue and green crazys thats what. These space marines love strange forbidden technology so much, that they work almost exclusively with the mechanicus on mars and it is rumored that they worship another God over the God Emperor (HERESY!!!!)

3rd.  Scions of Abraxes; With the destruction of their homeworld Abraxes IV. This second founding Chapter is now fleet based. Originally named the Sons Of Abraxes the chapter changed their name in remembrance of this event. Curiously a previously undetected Tyranid hive fleet was destroyed by the nova that claimed their homeworld and it is hinted that the Alpha legion may had somthi…….(HERESY!!!!)

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