Well were coming to the end of the Orks  (awwwwwwww I hear you all say)  the next time we should see them is in a couple of weeks to months when most of them are painted, I doubt all of them will be 100% finished I’m expecting 80% of it to be done though.

So today we have two flyers one being a converted storm talon, I didn’t want to do a lot to it just a few bits here and there, most of the Ork feel will be coming from the paint job all over it.  There is a second one that will see it heavily converted.

 JimmysWorkshop 016JimmysWorkshop 028

Next we have something I’ve called the blimp. It hasn’t got its balloon on it yet I’m still testing my method on that at the second, but I wanted this to look more of a show piece of the army. It has an extremely exaggerated base with an Odd boy working in an outdoor workshop.  As with all the models over the last three days the next stage it taking off those mold lines I’ve missed and tidying all the joints as well with green stuff.

 JimmysWorkshop 070JimmysWorkshop 055

(Remmber you can enlarge the photos)

JimmysWorkshop 057

JimmysWorkshop 039JimmysWorkshop 038

JimmysWorkshop 037JimmysWorkshop 036

 JimmysWorkshop 068

I also wanted a set of scenery to go with this army for our gaming board so they look more at home, so I’ve started a ruined bastion this will again have its Ork feel come from the paint job. All of the miniatures you’ve seen will be started with an airbrush and then have a brush taken to them, I may start it in reverse and get the buildings and vehicles started first as there’s a lot more I want to do with them airbrush wise. Ok so that’s it for my Orks I care for so much. Monday I will be showing a Commission I’m currently doing for a friend of mine, and I have to admit I’m loving them.

JimmysWorkshop 011JimmysWorkshop 007

JimmysWorkshop 006

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