WELCOME BACK! so yeah day two of orkyness ZOOOOOOOOOOOM WAAAGGGHHHHHHH!…. *sniff cough* did it happen again? Dam.

Ok so last time we saw what the basic boy build was going to be like, and we saw what the first set of trucks.



Now I needed to work on something a little different…. so i dug through my plastic draws dedicated to Orks and found several Black Reach warbosses one of my favourite miniatures… but it just wasn’t quite fitting in with the theme. So i went through my random draw bits and found 3000 watch parts i bought a while back and added them to the klaw and i have to say im quite a fan of it.









Moving from the warboss i then decided to add my cogs and other parts to other miniatures in the army. So obviously i started work on a warboss in mega armour now i cheated and used Ghaz and im relatively happy with the result but am currently working on scratch building four or five as i think they will really stand out.

Mr warbosswarboss



Also needed a Big Mek with a certain build so quickly knocked one up

Big MekBig MekBig Mek

Ive started work on one of three Deaff Kopters some very simple conversions but does make a nice change.




Tommorow we have two flyers and a bastion possible even a really over the top flying base!




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