My Custodes Army for Future Auction

Another small army I will be selling in our upcoming Comic Relief Auctions is my Custodes army. These use items from Scibor, Grey Knights and various other items sourced from the Internet. The army contains a 5 man Strike Squad, a Custodes Dreadknight conversion, a converted Malcador the Sigillite conversion and enough parts to make 5 Custodes on Jetbikes (1 which is assembled) and 4 Terminators/Paladins (2 assemlbed, 1 of which is half painted). This army, along with our other auctions will be on eBay on 7th-14th March.

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    • The Jetbike is from Kromlech. The rider is a space marine commander, torso front, backpack, right arm and shoulder pads. The head is from high elves silver helms, legs are from Dark Angels Ravenwing and the halberd is from the grey knights strike squad.

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