My Thoughts on the Imperial Knights

I know, I know. Another blog post on the interwebs about the Imperial Knights. I thought that I would share my opinion about them too and I will start by saying that I think they are awesome looking models and I cannot wait to get my hands on them!


A lot of people have been calling for Games Workshop to release these for years and now they have arrived. The current rumours suggest they are getting a codex to go alongside them so you can field a whole army of up to 6 knights or you may take 1-3 as a detachment for your army. I’m not a great fan of detachments at as they make the whole force orginisation chart seem pretty worthless. Instead I would have liked GW to come out and say they could be taken as a heavy slot for Space Marines, Imperial Guard etc. however detachments that we assume taken by other armies will of course mean more model sales. Having an army of them could be interesting but I don’t really see how it will work. They only have blast weapons which despite being powerful are not always reliable and they don’t ignore cover so their shooting abilities are quite survivable. They do have 6 hull points each and each turn can give one armour facing a 4++ save which is nice. They will take a lot to kill but if you’re fielding an army of them you are going to receive a whole army worth of shooting attacks coming your way.

I have already pre ordered myself two of these. I plan on converting one of them into a Chaos Knight (regardless of whether CSM can even take them) which I think would look pretty cool. Over a week ago I ordered some bits from the Lord of Skulls from a different bits website to this one which I am still waiting to even be dispatched (and they’ve ignored my two emails regarding this) but hopefully I will have them in time for this release or at least until the first one is built. As I said before the model is awesome. There’s been a lot of negativity regarding the lack of pose options for the legs. This is a shame but not a big deal for myself personally. I see these as lumbering war machines so you’re not going to see them in a sniping position with one leg up on some rubble or a tank but the option to make them have a walking pose would have been nice. I’m sure though that this wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve and maybe something I may even try to do with one of them but until I have the kit it’s hard to say how easy this may be.

I’m really happy GW have brought this kit out. I cannot wait to start building and painting and also getting my hands on the rumoured codex for them. I’ll be sure to share photos of mine on the Facebook page as well as on my painting blog: Until then I predict a few slow days ahead whilst I anticipate their release.

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  1. Hey, any idea when you’ll start stocking bits for these? In the middle of a furious painting session I lost one of the “upper thigh” armor plates..

    • I don’t plan on stocking them HOWEVER I do have a spare set of upper thigh armour plates that I’m not using on my Chaos Knight. Drop us an email and I’ll send them out to you free of charge 🙂

      • Woah, that’s very nice of you! Will contact you right away – and now I know for sure where I’ll stock up on bits next time I need some, cheers. 🙂

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