New Eldar Photos Spotted

So over the last couple of days photos of the New Eldar models due for the release next month have been surfacing on the Interwebs. Since the whole GW and Faeit212 issue about posting photos a lot of blogs including this one are refraining from posting the images ourselves but you can find them on several forums including here on DakkaDakka. I must say these are some lovely looking models. The flyer is really nice and I can see plastic Wraithguard making a lot of people very happy indeed.

The wraithknight is pure awesomeness, although it’s head is a tad small but it’s basically a mini titan which is cool. The one model that really stands out for me though is Illic Nightspear. This model is amazing. I think the pose is fantastic and the model itself is great. I have absolutely no desire to start an Eldar army but I may just pick this guy up for a diorama in the future.

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