New game idea: Realm Of Heroes

For a couple of years now myself and a couple of friends have been working on a new board game called Realm Of Heroes, dungeon setting (perhaps with some Mordenheim style street skirmishes to build experience/skill), with various quests (some to collect items, hunt monsters, rid caves of a horrid curse etc) and several ‘Heroes’. A barbarian, priest, mage, dwarf, elf, assassin/thief and a lizardman (great idea Phil).

The evil characters would include skeletons, chaos warriors, zombies, orcs, wolves and i want to include a spider centaur and a minotaur for special quests.

As many things hobby related, it takes a lot of planning and hard work, but with our combined experience and know how, i think we will come up with something amazing that will keep people entertained for hours and keep them coming back for more.

Of course its safe to say, don’t expect it to be ready tomorrow lol, perfection takes time 😉

There are still bugs to work out, still have to make a game board and room settings, but were getting there.


Backpack (able to hold a few extra items – barbarian, elf, lizardman, priest, assassin only)

Rope (varied uses – all Heroes)

Blessed armour (+1 defence dice – priest only)

Mithril Armour (elf only)

Throwing daggers/Boomerang (elf/assassin only)

Featherlight boots (assassin only)

Holy Hammer (priest only)

Helmets (varied depending on Hero)

Light up the darkness spell – reveals all evil models in room/corridor

Reveal trap spell – room or corridor

Blinding light – stops evil models from moving attacking for a turn or two (depending on level of Hero.

Those are just a small amount of spells/weapons/armour that were thinking of. The finished products will be well thought out and very useful.

Still have plenty of polystyrene tiles left over from a previous project, so may try a few dungeon floor plans.

Watch this space gamers


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