Objective and Wound Markers

I’ve been getting into the gaming side of Warhammer 40,000 a lot more recently. I’ve played more games this side of Christmas than in the few months before simply because of time restraints. Most of my gaming up until recently was casual gaming at home with friends but recently I’ve been participating in small local tournaments and plan on doing so a lot more.

The tournament experience allowed me to see what other people use for objectives and wound, hull point markers. At homes I was mainly using pieces from the old markers set (below) that GW did back in 5th edition which are pretty cool.


A lot of people local to me have not been in the hobby that long so don’t have access to this set so have been using makeshift means such as dice to mark wounds and even models for objectives (for example we used Chaos Cultists in one game and Dire Avengers in another). Some people do use the current vehicle markers and objectives that GW provide that are also pretty good but I thought I would look at alternative means for these.

Using dice for wound markers usually means someone will accidentally pick them up and roll them so they are not always ideal. That said I am going to try out using numbered dice for this. Typically people use dice with dots for gaming so ones with actual numbers will stand out from them.

2014-01-27 18.45.47

I was searching for cheap objective markers I could use and was surprised at how little is available on the market. I did find these skull markers on eBay which I immediately bought. For under £5 they are great little objective markers.


For objective markers there’s nothing better than making your own. Below are a couple of examples of some I have made which I really should paint. The first two use resin pieces from some cities of death pieces which may have been early FW pieces I’m not 100% sure as they are so old. The second one uses Praetorian Guard casualties.

2014-01-27 18.46.24

2014-01-27 18.47.06

There are also tons of bits such as barrels, ammo dumps etc. that GW make that could also be used to make objective markers. The opportunities are endless and I’m sure lots of you guys have made some really awesome ones.

I would love to see any objective markers you guys have made or what you guys use for wound and objective markers. Feel free to share on our Facebook page or post links below in the comments

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