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Bitzbox Chapter: Assault Squad and Sanguinary Guard

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I have completed the first two squads for the Bitzbox Blood Angels Chapter. They are an Assault squad and a Sanguinary Guard squad. I will be adding more units of assault squads and Sanguinary Guard to the army as well as various other units over the next few months but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these.

blood_angels_assault_squad_1a blood_angels_assault_squad_1b blood_angels_assault_squad_1c blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1a blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1b blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1c blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1e blood_angels_sanguinary_guard_1f

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Bitzbox Chapter Colour Scheme Winner

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So we have a winner of the Bitzbox Chapter Design competition. Congratulations to Joshua Henry Christian Lockwood for this design.


I am really looking forward to painting the quartered coloured scheme as it's something I've never done before. I will be making an odd change to this design, for example the left shoulder pad will be white so the chapter symbol will stand out better. I may have dark grey weapon casings if the lighter red doesn't stand out from the darker red. The chest eagle will also be dark grey instead of silver.

Over the coming weeks I hope to have some models to show you guys. I have my christmas break coming up so hopefully that will give me plenty of painting time.


Bitzbox Chapter Creation Comp!

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With the imminent release of the new Blood Angels codex I have decided to start up a Bitzbox Space Marine Chapter using the codex. I thought it would be a great opportunity for another competition and on our Facebook page I have a post where people can post their designs for the colour scheme of this new Chapter. The best design will win one of the special characters from the new Deathstorm boxed set (your choice).

You can enter the competition at this post here.



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Local Space Marine Painting Competition

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Last week I attended and participated in a local Space Marine Painting competition at my FLGS Boundless Realms. The competition had a good turnout with painters from varied ages and skill levels. What made this competition fun and balanced was that the best painter or best painted model doesn't guarantee victory. Each participant had to paint the Space Marine for a custom chapter and they also had to come up with a chapter symbol, name and some fluff for their chapter. Points were awarded for the best of these as well as for uniqueness of colour scheme.


There were a small number of less serious entries including my own 'Barbie' marine. I wanted to paint a Space Marine pink as it's a colour I've not worked with a lot so I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice it. The Barbie theme came about after coming up with a silly battle cry of 'Come on Astartes, let's go party' which I felt was too funny to not use. I'm afraid my mind works in weird ways. Other comical entries included the Mr Blobby marine and the McDonalds Marine.1398265_712676132157020_2771387146024532820_o 10680000_712675878823712_4757119595710394305_o 10380540_712676142157019_3137530087677749977_o 10636921_712676135490353_583992641546865124_o 10679485_712675988823701_3146664498190843358_o

Below are the top three places from left to right, below them are the chapter names with their fluff. Congratulations to them!


1st.  Scarred Hands; These Space Marines are mostly made up of Apothecaries and like nothing more than to replace any body part in a heartbeat and wear the scars with pride. Also the chapter master may of at one point used the arm of a fallen chaos lord as a replacement arm for himself (HERESY!!!!).

2nd.  Lords of Atom; What do you get if you give Space Marines Nuclear Fusion? Neon blue and green crazys thats what. These space marines love strange forbidden technology so much, that they work almost exclusively with the mechanicus on mars and it is rumored that they worship another God over the God Emperor (HERESY!!!!)

3rd.  Scions of Abraxes; With the destruction of their homeworld Abraxes IV. This second founding Chapter is now fleet based. Originally named the Sons Of Abraxes the chapter changed their name in remembrance of this event. Curiously a previously undetected Tyranid hive fleet was destroyed by the nova that claimed their homeworld and it is hinted that the Alpha legion may had somthi.......(HERESY!!!!)


Bitzbox Questionnaire Results Analysis

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An amazing 1218 people filled in a questionnaire and were all entered into a prize draw to win Nagash which was won by Paul Constant. So I thought I would write up a blog post which shares the results of our latest questionnaire with you guys. This post shares the results of the yes/no answers as well as the ratings for different aspects of the consumer experience.

How Did You Hear About Us?

Google - 564
Facebook - 167
Twitter - 4
Word of Mouth - 271
Other - 197


I wasn't too surprised to see that Google drives the most traffic to Bitzbox. I'm quite happy with the high percentage of people who have found us via word of mouth but was surprised that only 4 people found us for the first time on Twitter. That said it's not a platform I use as much as Facebook for example and maybe that's something I should use more.

Rate Bitzbox (average results)

Overall Experience -4.84
Prices - 4.4
Restock Rate - 3.5
Shipping Costs - 4.4
Shipping Time - 4.75


I'm quite happy to see these averages are quite high. Not surprisingly the low ratings for shipping costs and time were from customers outside the UK. This is partly due to Royal Mail's sharp increase in prices last year forcing us to raise the prices of international shipping overnight. Restock rate is of course an area of the business that needs improving and all bits sellers face the same problem here. For me the main issue is time rather than money. I'm seriously contemplating adding some part time staff at Bitzbox to help increase restocks in the near future so expect to see an improvement here, although no matter how much I restock it will never be quite enough I'm sure.

Have You Decided Not To Order Because...

Shipping Prices Too High?
Yes - 89
No - 1098

Prices Too High?

Yes - 168
No - 1109

Stock Too Low

Yes - 669
No - 501

Not much to add to these results. No surprises here. I always worry that our prices may be too high for certain items but then again people snap them up so fast. I always try to price items lower than eBay prices but for the most popular parts I try to sell them for a high price whilst trying to remain as fair as possible.

How Do You Get Stock Updates?

Automatic Email - 500
Facebook - 281
Twitter -25
I Don't - 385


Are You Aware of Our Automatic Email Feature?

Yes - 830
No - 361

I'm glad such a high number of people use our automatic email feature. Since day 1 of Bitzbox I wanted this feature on the website and a few years ago I finally managed to found some working code for it. A couple of other sellers on the Internet have followed suit with this feature which I think is great.

How Often Should We Restock?

A few boxes daily? - 303
A lot of boxes weekly? - 732
A really lot of boxes monthly? - 164


For so long I was restocking a few boxes worth of stuff here and there on a semi daily basis. Now I've moved onto a weekly format, restocking regular GW items usually on a Monday afternoon. From my point of view this is my preferred way to restock and I'm glad the majority of customers agree.

Would You Like To See More GW Items?

Yes - 278
No - 899

Even though there is quite a high number of No results here, the people who have said yes have all given very similar results when it came to what GW sets they would like to see on the website. A lot of it is Fantasy stuff, such as Dwarves, Wood Elf and High Elf kits that we don't stock and larger kits from Fantasy. I can happily confirm that I will be adding a lot more Fantasy kits over the next few weeks so be sure to look out for them. Some people have requested very large 40k kits such as baneblades, knights and stompas. I just can't see myself ever stretching to these larger items anytime soon.

Would You Like To See More Forgeworld?

Yes - 864
No - 338

This is a pretty resounding yes. A lot of Warhammer Forge items and Horus Heresy Legion specific sets were requested so I'm sure within the next few months you'll see them appear for sale.

Would You Like To See More 3rd Party Bits?

Yes - 629
No - 505

Would You Like To See Other Game Systems?

Yes - 396
No - 788

A lot of people have commented that they just want to see more variety. I think I have wrongly assumed over the years that people visit the site knowing exactly what they want to purchase whereas in reality a lot of people just browse until they find something that catches their eye and gives them an awesome conversion idea. The people who visit the website in this way have said that more variety is never a bad thing so I will keep this in mind.

Would You Like To See More Modelling/Gaming?

Yes - 765
No - 440

A section of the website that is pretty quiet at the moment. I will eventually add a lot more items here and restock the ones we have. I may try and look for a wholesale supplier of items such as plasticard so I can offer these at a very low price.

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Our First Ever Bat Rep!

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I am happy to annouce that I have made my first ever video battle report for the Bitzbox Youtube Channel.

This is a 1000 pts kill point mission featuring Crimson Fists Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons. My opponent Callum is using my Chaos Daemon army, which he has not played before but I think he did pretty well considering. Early feedback has suggested a shorter format so in future videos I shall look into doing that. If I make enough videos I will probably be able to mix up the styles of bat reps so everyone will be able to find a video format they enjoy.


Ork ‘Big Daddy’ Meganob Conversion

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A long time ago (and you may remember it from our Screaming Heretic conversion segment) I made a couple of meganobz based on the Big Daddy from the Bioshock series of games. With the release of the new plastic Meganobz I thought I would make a new version of this conversion, complete with grot little sister on his back.

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

The conversion wasn't that difficult to do. The main body and right arm are just standard meganob parts and I replaced the power klaw from the left arm with a drill from the Killa Kans set. On his back is the grot from the Ork Painboy model, with a greenstuff dress and hair. The pony tail was from an old Dark Eldar Warrior. The air tank was made from a plastic tube, greenstuff and a plastic model boat wheel. I also added little bits of tube and plasticard on his back to fill in gaps and make it look more interesting. The head was made from an empire mortar cut in half, a chaos space marine vehicle searchlight and two smaller lights from the space marine land speeder. Shoulder pads and a stikkbomb from the ork meganob set finished off the conversion.

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

Bioshock Big Daddy Ork

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Ork Codex Thoughts

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So the Ork codex is just over a week old and I thought I'd share my thoughts on it. I'll start off by saying that I don't play Orks a great deal but I do have a fairly large Ork army and have played against them many times so I know their last codex quite well. So far I have only had a couple of games with the new codex and I've found they feel quite different than before. This review is based on my own experiences with the book so I don't cover every change so forgive me for anything I've missed. I may write a follow up in the future after a few more games with the greenskins.



Of course there are new units in the book as you expect. These are in the shape of the Gorkanaut and Morkanaut. I have so far only ran the Gorkanaut. With 5 hull points and 13,13,12 armour he will only fall to heavy fire but he certain attracts it and due to his size he his hard to hide. The Korkanaut can take a custom forcefield which in my opinion may well be worth the points. I wasn't too impressed with the firepower on the Gorkanaut. 3D6 str5 ap5 shots are nice but with the ork BS of 2 you're going to miss two thirds of your shots so you need to roll high on the 3d6 to do any significant damage. He also has twin linked rokkits and big shootas which are useful but I think his biggest strength is in combat if you can get him there. He can also transport 6 models which is pretty nice.


A nice little rule for the Orks which lets them re roll one dice when rolling for their charge range. In a lot of cases this is better than having to re roll both dice and gives Orks that little bit of a boost when it comes to charging.


There are some nice cheap shooting options in the Ork codex now though which will see a lot of people change up their Ork lists to include these new lists. Warbuggies with twin linked rokkit launchas have been talked up a lot as a good cheap option and at only 25 points each I can see why, especially as they can outflank! The new Mek Gunz are also an excellent choice. The traktor cannon at only 30 points is an excellent anti flyer or flying monsterous creature gun and lobbas are still useful and come in at a mere 18 points each. The only downside to these is the price of the model itself.


A quick mention on the warlord traits in this codex. They are actually useful! The one's that allow models within 12" of the warlord to reoll failed morale and pinning checks is nice as too is the one that lets you re roll run moves. There's ones that allow the warlord to re roll one hit or wound roll a turn or one failed armour or invulnerable save. Prophet of the Waaagh! Gives the warboss the Waaargh rule or if he has it then all models with the 'Ere we go! special rule become fearless during a waaagh!


The changes to mob rule are huge. No more fearless blobs of Orks running across the battlefield which really hurts. For regular Ork boys this isn't a major issue. They are cheap at only 6 points each so losing a few from the mob rule table or having a few fall back wont hurt you much however you can no longer take warbikes or nobs as troops so the regular boys or gretchin are your only units with objective secured. The mob rule changes are not so bad for units that you take in smaller squads as they didn't rely on being fearless before but it's units such as lootas who I have found are hurt the most. They do benefit a bit however. By not being fearless they can now go to ground behind an aegis defense line to benefit from a 2+ cover save. Also attaching a painboy to the squad, who is now a HQ unit, will increase their survivability. However as I found out myself, a unit like this that tends to be kept on the back field struggles with the new mob rule and one failed leadership and a bad roll on the mob table will see a lot of firepower run off the board.


There are a few other changes that are not so nice for Orks. Cybork bodies no give you a 6+ FNP instead of a 5+ invulnerable which if you give to a ten man squad of Nobz is the same points cost as adding in a painboy who will give the whole squad a 5+ FNP. Orks have their own relics so to speak called the Gifts of Gork and Mork. All of them are really nice and are not over costed. I ran my warboss with Da Dead Shiny SHoota as I had 5 points spare and the extra twin linked shots from it were well worth the 5 points. A model can only take a single relic unfortunately.

As mentioned before Painboyz are now a HQ choice. In 6th edition this would have been terrible as you only had 2 HQ slots to play with but now with unbound and multiple detachments it's not such a big deal. Being able to attach him to any squad you like is awesome. 50 points is a big price to pay for FNP but in some cases it may just be worth it. As he's a character he can also come in handy for one of the mob rule table results.

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My First White Dwarf

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Going through some of my old boxes the other day I stumbled upon some old White Dwarf magazines I had kept which included my first ever one, White Dwarf 234. Released in the summer of either 98 or 99 this white dwarf is packed full of excellent content (which was the norm back then) so I thought I would make a little video to show it off.

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The New 40k Psychic Phase

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Earlier in the week I made a little video going over how the new Warhammer 40,000 psychic phase works.

I thought I would add to this with a little article giving my initial thoughts on this. I am happy with the addition of this. There were initial concerns when I first heard about it that it could be like the Warhammer Fantasy magic phase but luckily it's not quite the same. There's always been times in games when players have forgotten to make psychic powers such as blessings or didn't do them at the right time at least. One thing this new phase does is eliminate that element from the game. It also makes psychic powers more straight forward to roll and the dice pool adds a more tactical element to spell casting as it makes you have to decide how many dice to use for each power and deny the witch.

I like the new perils of the warp table. It can be quite deadly but it's effects at least makes the psyker's almost redundant leadership value come into play. I like that a roll of 6 actually makes your psyker better but a roll of 1 kills him and his unit if he fails a leadership check.

We are without a doubt going to see more psyker's on the table. They became increasingly popular over 6th edition's short life span and I expect that popularity to grow. I certainly want to try a few more myself. There's been a lot of talk about the daemonology powers and invisibility from the telepathy tree being the early edition game breakers. I have yet to try out daemonology but I'm looking forward to trying it out if it's not too broken. Call me old fashioned but I miss the days when a greater daemon would burst out from one of my HQ choices.

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